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Ukraine Beyond Travel Video

Ukraine Beyond is about a journey through a country that has been through a lot from the 1986 Nuclear disaster of Chernobyl to the 2014 Ukrainian Revolution. The video touches on its dark past, a new hope of this generation, and the extremely lively experience I had that will hopefully shed light on Ukraine as one of the best countries to visit in Europe.

For this travel video, I started off with a title sequence that is fully inspired by the HBO mini-series, Chernobyl. As the video journeyed you through the post-apocalyptic city of Pripyat, I wanted to convey the dark past of the country which is a great way to start off any journey so that one will understand where Ukraine and its people are coming from.

The next sequence begins with hope in the visualization of Eastern Orthodoxy, the prime religion of Ukraine, and then the video picks up from there accompanied by uplifting music and imagery.

The reason why I named the video, Ukraine Beyond is because I wanted to show you what Ukraine is, beyond its stereotype and stigma that you often see in the media like Chernobyl and its conflict with Russia.

Through the beautiful city of Kyiv, the lively cultural capital of Lviv, the Pearl of the Black Sea Odesa, the hidden gems of Kharkiv, and the Carpathians Mountains, I hope this travel video will inspire you to consider visiting Ukraine sometime soon!

I hope you enjoy the video as much as I do making them! :)

Location: Kyiv, Tunnel of Love, Lutsk, Lviv, Yaremche, Mt. Hoverla, Chernivtsi, Kamianets-Podilskyi, Odesa, and Kharkiv

Music: Interlude for a Broken Mind by Neon Ridge and First by Loya via

Camera: Sony a6500. Here's is why the Sony a6500 is the best travel camera to buy.

Camera Lens: 16 - 70mm F4 Zeiss lens mainly but a few other lenses too. Here's a list of all the camera lenses I recommended.

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