How to Get to the Tunnel of Love in Ukraine - A Complete Guide the Tunnel of Love, Ukraine

How to Get to the Tunnel of Love in Ukraine

A Complete Guide the Tunnel of Love, Ukraine

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For the longest time, the magical picture of a train track going through a thick green tunnel of forests, dubbed "The Tunnel of Love", had been circulating around the internet with much fanfare around where the exact location is.

There was a lot of information regarding where it is, some say it's in Ukraine, some say otherwise, and so when I arrived in Ukraine, I made it my mission to find where this magical Tunnel of Love is and how one could get there independently.

Today, I'm here to report that I have successfully reached the mythical Tunnel of Love using only public transportations and here is a complete guide on how to get to the Tunnel of Love in Ukraine independently without a tour.

Let's begin with the exact location of the Tunnel of Love:

One Month Itinerary For Ukraine

Tunnel of Love Location Map

Tunnel of Love Location Map

Ukraine Travel Video

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When to Visit the Tunnel of Love

Lubart's Castle on a cloudy day in Lutsk, Ukraine

Let's be honest, the reason you want to visit the Tunnel of Love is to get that iconic photo of the tree tunnel and the train tracks and to get that shot, it is important for you to visit at the right time to see the tunnel in its full glory.

If you want to see the Tunnel of Love exactly like what you see here in all my photos, the summertime between June - September is perfect for it. The trees still retain its leaves whereas the colors of the leaves are still deep green.

BE WARNED: Summertime is a prime time for mosquitoes to hunt for human blood so make sure you have insect repellent with you if you decided to visit during this time.

If you want a little bit of a unique experience, you can visit during Spring (April - May) and Autumn (October - November) where the forest will be more colorful.

Wintertime (December - March) is not the best time to see the Tunnel of Love as the forest loses its leaves and colors, exposing the sky instead of covering the train tracks.

Where to Stay in Lutsk

Budget - Hostel Druzi - 7 USD/Night (Dorm) - One of the cheapest place you can get and most centrally located. One problem is the reception and the people staying there rarely speaks English so don't expect any socializing here if you don't speak Russian. That said, it's extremely clean and has a spacious dorm room with modern bathrooms and free water to refill.

Mid-Range - Rhombus Hotel - 36 USD / Night (Twin Room with Private Bathroom per 2 Rooms)

How Many Days Do I Need for Tunnel of Love?

The stunning forest Tunnel of Love in Ukraine seems to go on forever.

To visit the Tunnel of Love with public transportation, you will need to find a base that is closer to the Tunnel than Kyiv and you will need to stay at least, one night there.

The reason why I wouldn't recommend you to do it from Kyiv in one day is that since we will be relying on marshrutka (minivan) where reliability and speed isn't exactly its strongest suit, it is best that you have an entire day to travel to the Tunnel of Love, so that you can visit the Tunnel of Love without having to rush it.

Traveling like this will also allow you to progress your trip in Ukraine further without having to backtrack especially if you are planning to visit Lviv after.

There are 2 bases you can choose from Lutsk and Rivne. I personally prefer Lutsk as there are more touristy things to do there than in Rivne and it is closer to Lviv which is where I wanted to go next after visiting the Tunnel of Love.

The Lubart's Castle is one of the few places to visit in Lutsk.

My recommendation is to stay 2 nights in Lutsk so that you will have one full day and you can travel to the Tunnel of Love in the morning. You should be back in Lutsk in the afternoon and then you can explore Lutsk tourist attractions like Lubart's Castle and Cathedral of the St. Peter and Paul.

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How Much Money Do I Need for Visiting the Tunnel of Love, Ukraine?

From my suggested itinerary above, first, you will have to get from Kyiv to Lutsk. The bus from Kyiv to Lutsk will cost you 350 UAH.

From Lutsk bus station, you will have to take a bus to the city center which will cost you 6 UAH per trip. After you spend the night in Lutsk, you will have to get on the same bus to the same bus station and once again in the opposite direction when you get back so that's 6 x 3 = 18 UAH in total you will spend on local buses.

From Lutsk to Klevan, you will spend 52 UAH per trip so for 2 ways, it will be 104 UAH. Include that with the minimum accommodation for 2 nights which is 14 USD (350 UAH) and food should be no more than 100 UAH per meal.

Thankfully, you don't have to pay to get into the Tunnel of Love so that should be it for all the expense for visiting the Tunnel of Love.

With this data, we can conclude that you will be spending around 1,122 UAH (44 USD) for 2 days minimum including everything from food to accommodation.

Is it Safe to Visit the Tunnel of Love, Ukraine?

A cat looking out the window wanting to explore the Tunnel of Love itself in Ukraine.

Ukraine is mostly safe as I mentioned before in my previous articles about the country and it is the same here for Lutsk and the Tunnel of Love. People may stare a lot in Lutsk as they do not get a lot of tourists but other than that, nothing out of the ordinary happen to me while I was traveling to the Tunnel of Love from Lutsk except...

The godforsaken mosquitoes! No one warned me about it so I was there without an insect repellent and the moment I entered the forest area of the Tunnel of Love, I was swarmed by hundreds of mosquitoes, all ready to suck my blood dry.

In about 5 minutes, all my legs and arms are covered in itchy bruises! As much as I wanted to spend hours taking photos in the Tunnel of Love, due to the number of mosquito bites I got in 15 minutes, I had to cut my trip short and left early. The mosquito problems are serious here and if you are planning this trip, be sure to bring insect repellent with you!

Travel Insurance

If you are looking for travel insurance to go along with your trip to Ukraine, I would recommend, which is what I use to look for travel insurance that fits my kind of adventure.

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How to Get to the Tunnel of Love in Ukraine

How to Get to Kyiv, Ukraine?

The beautiful St. Sophia's Cathedral in Kyiv, Ukraine

First things first, you will have to get to Ukraine and one of the easiest ways is to fly into Kyiv.

If you are coming from the US, there is a direct flight from New York to Kyiv via Ukrainian Airline that you can take directly to Ukraine or you can fly via several European airlines like KLM, Lufthansa, and Air France.

If you are in Europe, you can either fly with a low-cost airline like Ryanair, or you can simply travel by train from any of the main European hubs like Berlin, etc. Although, the time it takes to travel will increase considerably if you chose to use trains (24 hours from Berlin to Kyiv).

Last but not least, if you are in Asia, the simplest option is to fly directly from Bangkok to Kyiv via Ukrainian Airline. They are cheap and fly direct to Kyiv in 11 hours.

If you are looking for the cheapest flights to Ukraine, I would recommend you use Skyscanner or Momondo to look for the cheapest route and schedule for your trip to Ukraine.

Top 18 Things to Do in Kyiv, Ukraine

How to Get from Kyiv to Lutsk, Ukraine?

Kyiv cityscape, Ukraine

For my suggested itinerary, I would recommend you go directly to Lutsk first and spend a night there before you backtrack your way to the Tunnel of Love.

From Kyiv, you will have to get a marshrutka to Lutsk. You can book your bus/marshrutka on

Depending on which bus you picked the pick-up location will differ but if you want to go the easy route, you can follow what I did and booked the 11:00 AM bus to Kovel operated by Voyag-Luks. They should stop in Lutsk on the way to Kovel.

The Voyag-Luks marshrutka leaves from the Kyiv Autobus Station near Kyiv Central Train Station which is easily accessible from the city center and it will cost you 350 UAH.

My marshrutka from Kyiv to Lutsk, a metallic moving microwave vehicle.

Be aware that the Voyag-Luks marshrutka doesn't actually leave at the platform, which I presume is reserved for big buses, but from the parking spot in the middle of the bus station instead so don't waste time trying to find which platform to stand on. Simply go ask the people in the ticket office or one of the drivers standing around in the parking spot.

I would recommend you arrive 30 minutes earlier so that you will have time to figure out where your marshrutka leaves from. Keep in mind that they use Cyrillic alphabets here in Ukraine and if you can't read it (like me), keep an eye out for Луцьк (Lutsk) or Ковель (Kovel) signs in front of a marshrutka.

Tips: If you are traveling in the summer, choose a seat where the windows can be opened because it gets really hot in the summer in Ukraine and marshrutka doesn't have the best ventilation.

Once you get on the bus, it will take you around 5.5 hours until you arrive at Lutsk bus station where you will then have to get a local bus to the city center.

How to Get from Lutsk Bus Station to Lutsk City Center?

The baeutiful inside of Lubart's Castle in Lutsk, Ukraine

Once you arrive in Lutsk Bus Station, you will have to walk to a bus stop on the main road and then you can take the bus number #17A or #28 which will take you near Lesi Ukrainky Main Shopping Street and then you can walk to your accommodation from there.

This is what a local bus in Lutsk looks like from the inside.

The local bus in Lutsk costs around 6 UAH (cash only) and you can pay the bus driver when you get out of the bus.

Lesi Ukrainky Main Shopping Street in Lutsk, Ukraine

If you have data on your phone, you can use Google Maps to find which local bus number you should take to get around and from my experiment relying heavily on the app when I was in Lutsk, they are pretty accurate.

How to Get from Lutsk to Klevan, Ukraine?

Dominican Convent in Lutsk, Ukraine

After you spend a night in Lutsk, it is time to go to the Tunnel of Love but first, we will have to get to Klevan, a sleepy town where the Tunnel of Love is located.

This is what a local bus in Lutsk looks like from the outside.

There isn't a lot of buses that goes directly from Lutsk to Klevan but there are a ton of buses going to Rivne which they can then drop you off near Klevan. The bus to Rivne leaves every hour from the same bus station you were dropped off the day before, so you can take the same local bus back to the bus station.

Once you are at the bus station, simply ask around for a marshrutka to Klevan (Клевань) or Rivne (Рівне). If they had a hard time understanding you, just show them the Cyrillic alphabets of the town names and they should be able to direct you to the right marshrutka.

This is the bus stop you will have to get off to get to the Tunnel of Love.

I personally went for a 10 AM bus going towards Rivne and I asked them to drop me off at the bus stop right at the intersection between Tsentralna Street and the H22 highway shown above. From there, it's only a 30 minutes walk to the Tunnel of Love.

Sleepy town of Klevan, Ukraine.

When you are in a marshrutka approaching the intersection, simply go to the driver and ask to be dropped off here. Don't expect them to stop for you even if you tell them you are going to the Tunnel of Love.

The marshrutka should take around one hour to reach Klevan and it will cost you around 52 UAH for the trip.

How to Get from Klevan to the Tunnel of Love?

Me walking into the Tunnel of Love in Ukraine

From the intersection, you can simply walk north until you are in Klevan and then start heading east toward the Tunnel of Love.

There are many signs in Klevan that will direct you to the Tunnel of Love like this one.

I simply walked north along Tsentralna Street until an intersection that goes to Slovyanska Street and then I turned right and went straight until I reached the Tunnel of Love.

The train tracks you will have to cross before reaching the Tunnel of Love, Ukraine.

The walk should take no more than 30 minutes and you should arrive at a parking lot right before the train tracks. From there, you can turn right on the train track and prepare to have your jaw dropped by the magnificent beauty of the Tunnel of Love.

Once you see the train sign, you are almost at the Tunnel of Love

Congratulation, you made it to the Tunnel of Love independently. If you heeded my warning, you should be well-prepared for the mosquito onslaught that will come as you enter the forest.


The side of travel no one told you about when visiting the Tunnel of Love. The god damn mosquitoes.

Make sure you wear thick clothing or cover your entire body with insect repellent because they can and will bite through your clothes. I would recommend wearing a jean and a jacket that covers your skin as much as you can and cover the rest with insect repellent.

Once you turned right at the parking spot, you will see a tunnel of trees with a train track running through it. You have made it to the Tunnel of Love.

With yourself protected from the mosquitoes, you are now free to walk as far as you like. The tunnel goes really far along the train track so if there is a lot of people at the beginning, simply walk deeper and you should have the entire place to yourself.

The deeper you go into the Tunnel of Love, the less people you will see.

Depending on how many photos you want of yourself here, you can spend from 15 minutes to a few hours exploring the forest. Spend as much time as you like but be sure to leave for Lutsk around 4 PM as there might be less marshrutka from Rivne to Lutsk after that time.

How to Get from Tunnel of Love back to Lutsk?

This is the bus stop you should wait for a marshrutka back to Lutsk from Klevan.

To go back to Lutsk from the Tunnel of Love, simply walk back to the highway intersection, go to the opposite side of the road and flag down a marshrutka with a Луцьк (Lutsk) sign in front of them. It will cost another 52 UAH and takes about an hour before you arrive back at Lutsk with plenty of time to spare to explore the rest of Lutsk tourist attractions.

Is Tunnel of Love worth Visiting?

Me walking along the beautiful forest Tunnel of Love in Ukraine.

It is no question that the Tunnel of Love is a little out-of-the-way and if you have very limited time, you will probably ask this question. Since I'm here to answer your questions, I'd say, if you have very limited time and you are not determined to get that iconic picture, skip it. It's just another "photo op" place.

That said, if you are going to Lviv anyway after Kyiv and looking to break the trip down, or you are a photographer, or you just like to go off-the-beaten-path, the Tunnel of Love and Lutsk are definitely worth visiting. There are quite a few cool things to see in Lutsk and the place allows you to see what life is really like in smaller cities in Ukraine.

And there you have it, a complete guide on how to visit the Tunnel of Love in Ukraine. Have you ever seen a picture of this tunnel before? Is it one of your dream to visit the Tunnel of Love? Feel free to write down your thoughts in the comments below.

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