10 Best Cozy Cafes in Lviv, Ukraine - A Complete Guide to Lviv's Vibrant Cafe Culture

10 Best Cozy Cafes in Lviv, Ukraine

A Complete Guide to Lviv's Vibrant Cafe Culture

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I think it safe to say, Lviv is the true cultural capital of Ukraine. With its many cozy and atmospheric coffee houses, mysterious-looking decors, and the charming culture of independence and entrepreneurship, Lviv is by far one of the best places in Ukraine to go cafe-hopping and explore the authentic and vibrant cafe-culture that is no longer easy to come by in Central and Eastern Europe.

I spent almost a week in Lviv when I was traveling in Ukraine. During my first week in the country, I was caught by surprise when I realize how awesome the cafe culture is in Kyiv and when I learned that Lviv is even better in that regard, I was ecstatic.

After spending several days scouring Lviv for cafes that are cozy, atmospheric and serve great coffee, here are 10 of my favorite cafes and coffee houses in Lviv that you should try out when you are traveling in the city. Let's begin with my most favorite one, Lʹvivsʹka Kopalʹnya Kavy (Львівська копальня кави).

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Lviv Best Cafes Itinerary Map

Lviv Best Cafes Itinerary Map

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1. Lʹvivsʹka Kopalʹnya Kavy (Львівська копальня кави)

Lʹvivsʹka Kopalʹnya Kavy or Lviv Coffee Mining Manufacture garden seating area in Lviv, Ukraine

Location: Palats Latynsʹkykh Arkhiyepyskopiv, Rynok Square, 9, L'viv
Opening Time: 8 AM - 12 AM
Price Range: 32 - 87 UAH (1.5 - 3.4 USD)

Lʹvivsʹka Kopalʹnya Kavy or Lviv Coffee Mining Manufacture is one of my favorite cafe in Lviv. This is one of the largest establishment in the area with many seating areas from an outside garden, cozy interior with wood furniture and a cave. Yes, you heard that right!

Lviv Coffee Mining Manufacture cafe interior in Lviv, Ukraine

Lʹvivsʹka Kopalʹnya Kavy is the only coffee mining company where they claimed, they extract the coffee from the underground of Rynok square right in front of you, hence the cave part.

A coffee and a delicious strudel on a table at Lviv Coffee Mining Manufacture cafe in Lviv, Ukraine

They are well-known for their freshly roasted coffee beans where you can also buy from a souvenir shop attached to the cafe. They also serve a variety of coffee for different occasion such as Lviv Rainy Day Coffee, For Lovers, etc.

The coffee bar at Lviv Coffee Mining Manufacture cafe in Lviv, Ukraine.

If you go into the cave, you can also order the Flaming Coffee where they bring out a blowtorch and literally set your coffee on fire. Nothing wakes you up like a fire in front of your face!

2. Black Honey

The minimal modern interior of Black Honey Cafe in Lviv, Ukraine

Location: Halytska St, 20, L'viv
Opening Time: 8 AM - 10 PM
Price Range: 29 - 89 UAH (1.15 - 3.5 USD)

Black Honey is another great cafe I really like in Lviv. It has a clean, minimal and modern decor, tasty coffee beans, and a very friendly and cozy atmosphere.

A cup of Latte and a cheesecake at Black Honey Cafe in Lviv, Ukraine.

Other than freshly brewed coffee, they also have a small breakfast like granola and pastries like cheesecakes and strudels to go with your delicious cup of coffee.

The cozy seating area of Black Honey Cafe in Lviv, Ukraine.

If you are looking for a nice, clean, cozy place to sit in the morning or for a bit of relaxing time during the day, Black Honey has many cafes scattered around the city center so be sure to check it out.

3. L'viv Coffee Manufacturer

L'viv Coffee Manufacturer cozy atmosphere and interior.

Location: 7, Brativ Rohatyntsiv St, L'viv
Opening Time: 8:30 AM - 10 PM
Price Range: 33 - 79 UAH (1.5 - 3.1 USD)

L'viv Coffee Manufacturer is the place to be if you are a coffee snob. This place has an entire wall full of coffee bean dispenser machines where you can pick and try them before buying.

They do not just have coffee beans though as they also serve plenty of pastries, cakes and more to go with your favorite cup of coffee.

L'viv Coffee Manufacturer wall full of coffee dispensers.

They also have a nice cozy atmosphere with wooden furniture, good lighting and plenty of places to sit. If you are looking for a place to chill in the middle of the city center, here is the place to be.

4. Na Bambetli (На бамбетлі)

The front of Na Bambetli cafe in Lviv, Ukraine.

Location: Rynok Square, 29, L'viv
Opening Time: 10 AM - 10 PM
Price Range: 43 - 74 UAH (1.7 - 3 USD)

Tucked away in a hidden alleyway in the middle of Rynok Square, Na Bambetli is another nice and cozy cafe where you can sit and chill away from the crowds.

The cozy interior of Na Bambetli cafe in Lviv, Ukraine.

Na Bambetli has one of the most authentic-looking cafes out of all the cafes I recommended here. Walking into Na Bambetli is almost like walking back in time to a mysterious cafe of old. Their wooden furniture, old paintings, and its candle-lit atmosphere just exude magic, unlike any places I've seen.

This is the entrance from Rynok Square in Lviv, Ukraine that leads to a hidden alleyway where Na Bambetli cafe is located.

They serve a great selection of alternative coffee as well as plenty of option for strudels and other desserts. A quiet place, yet centrally located, Na Bambetli is truly a hidden gem of Lviv and if you have the time, be sure to drop by there.

5. Svit Kavy (Світ кави)

Svit Kavy cozy interior in Lviv, Ukraine.

Location: Katedralna Square, 6, L'viv
Opening Time: 7:45 AM - 11 PM
Price Range: 40 - 250 UAH (1.6 - 10 USD)

Svit Kavy used to be a hidden gem in Lviv but now that everybody knows about it, it becomes less of a secret but still, if you are looking for a cozy space to sit with a book and enjoy a cup of coffee either inside or outside, Svit Kavy is still a good option.

A cup of Latte at Svit Kavy cafe in Lviv, Ukraine.

It gets crowded fast though so I would recommend you go in the morning for a cup of coffee to beat the crowd. They serve all kinds of coffee and pastries as well as breakfast, a delicious Belgian Waffle with salmon, bacon and more.

Svit Kavy cafe in Lviv, Ukraine also see their coffee at a store next door.

The interior of Svit Kavy is very cozy with wooden furniture and warm lighting, which is perfect for both summer and winter. It also has an outside seating area with a view of the alleyway of Rynok Square, Lviv Latin Cathedral and the beautiful Chapel of the Boim Family.

6. Virmenka (Вірменка)

Virmenka cafe wooden cozy interior in Lviv, Ukraine.

Location: Virmens'ka St, 19, L'viv
Opening Time: 9 AM - 11 PM
Price Range: 24 - 48 UAH (1 - 2 USD)

Virmenka is another small cozy authentic-looking cafe that serves a great selection of coffee and a tone of pastries to pick from. The cafe is also centrally located right in the middle of Lviv city center making it a great stop of a quick cup of coffee in the morning.

A really cheap but good breakfast I had at Virmenka cafe in Lviv, Ukraine.

One of the best things about Virmenka is how cheap the coffees are here. You can get a great cup of coffee for only 1 - 2 USD! That is not easy to come by in the city center of Lviv.

A woman pouring coffee beans into a coffee machine at Virmenka in Lviv, Ukraine

The place is a little small with an even smaller outside seating area but if you come early enough, you should have no trouble finding a place to sit. Virmenka is a great place to sit outside with a cup of coffee and read your favorite book or watch people walk by.


The modern and clean interior of Kredens Cafe in Lviv, Ukraine.

Location: Valova St, 5, L'viv
Opening Time: 8 AM - 11 PM
Price Range: 28 - 70 UAH (1.1 - 2.7 USD)

KREDENS CAFE is the place to be if you are a digital nomad and is looking for a spacious modern space equipped with fast WIFI and power sockets for you to work from with your laptop.

The waitresses brewing coffe at Kredens Cafe in Lviv, Ukraine.

They serve good coffee and croissants at a decent price. They also have tables and comfy sofas on both floors and a spacious outside seating area so if you are looking for a place where you will find space at any time of the day, KREDENS CAFE is what you are looking for.

8. Canlviv Candles Manufactory (Львівська свічкова мануфактура)

Canlviv Candles Manufactory cafe from the outside in Lviv, Ukraine.

Location: Muzeina St, 1, L'viv
Opening Time: 10 AM - 9 PM
Price Range: 35 - 40 UAH (1.4 - 1.6 USD)

Canlviv Candles Manufactory is a candle store that is also a cafe serving a good selection of coffee and pastries for you to indulge yourself in. They have the best eclair in town and the best spot overlooking Lviv stunning Dominican Cathedral.

The stunning Dominican Cathedral in front of Canlviv Candles Manufactory cafe in Lviv, Ukraine.

The interior is very cozy with a vintage decoration and furniture inside while nice atmospheric music quietly playing in the background. There is also a seating area outside where you can enjoy Lviv fresh air while looking at the stunning facade of Dominican Cathedral.

9. Druzi (Friends) Cafe

Location: Krakivska Street, 5, L'viv
Opening Time: 8 AM - 12 AM
Price Range: 29 - 79 UAH (1.15 - 3.12 USD)

If you are looking for an all-purpose cafe where you can hang out for any occasion, Druzi (Friends) cafe near Rynok Square is the place to be. They open quite early so it is perfect for breakfast (you will also get a discount if you stay at the DREAM Hostel above it).

They serve proper breakfast (scrambled egg, oatmeal, and pancakes, etc.) as well as lunch and dinner (salads, burgers, and kebabs) so you can always rely on Druzi to serve you.

They open until midnight and have a really nice outside seating with cozy lighting making it the perfect place to meet with friends and hang out with a glass of beer during the summer months.

10. Viennese Coffee House (Віденська кав'ярня)

The cozy atmosphere and interior of Viennese Coffee House in Lviv, Ukraine.

Location: Svobody Ave, 12, L'viv,
Opening Time: 9 AM - 12 AM
Price Range: 28 - 78 UAH (1.1 - 3.1 USD)

Last but not least, the Viennese Coffee House, one of the oldest coffee houses in the city. The Viennese Coffee House or as it was known as Wiener Kaffeehaus opened its door in 1829 during the Austro-Hungarian Empire and they serve delicious coffee and creamy cakes ever since.

The wooden bar at Viennese Coffee House in Lviv, Ukraine.

There is nothing quite like the atmosphere of the Viennese Coffee House. With its wooden furniture, giant drapes across large windows, and a portrait of Franz Ferdinand, the Emperor of the Austro-Hungarian Empire, walking into the cafe almost feels like walking back in time.

A schnitzel dish and a milkshake I had at Viennese Coffee House in Lviv, Ukraine.

They serve a wide selection of coffee (Viennese-style, Eastern-style, and Tallinn-style, etc.), milkshakes and hot meals making it a great place to drop by for just a cup of coffee or lunch/dinner.

And there you have it, the 10 best cafes to try in Lviv. Did I miss anything from the list? Do you like to go cafe-hopping while traveling in a city? Let me know in the comments below! Enjoy exploring the charming coffee culture of Lviv!

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