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I am a light traveler and a content creator and sometimes, that balance of traveling to remote places and having all the gear to create high-quality content is not so easy to strike. I often get ask a lot about the things I bring with me when I travel solo and so I have decided to compile all the travel essentials I have in my backpack in this guide for you to easily navigate.

Depending on the type of trips I will be partaking, I often carry some of the items listed here, and not all of it at the same time. If I am going on a one-month trekking trip in Nepal, I would focus more on the items under Hiking Gear, Basic Travel Gear, and only a few items under Camera Gear.

Keep in mind that people travel differently and this travel gear guide is just a guideline for people who are interested in traveling alone with a light backpack and do not mind carrying travel essentials that benefit them, may it be work (digital nomads) or pleasure (photographers). If you are just traveling, I would recommend you disregard most of the items under Camera Gear and focus more on the Basic Gear.

Last but not least, I am still a backpacker through and through and I will always try my best to save cost when traveling if possible but when it comes to things I have to rely on, I will not hesitate to spend more hence why you will see some items that are quite expensive. For me, cameras, jackets, backpacks, and shoes are worth investing in as there are used often on a trip and I can not afford to have these items break down on me when I am on the road.

Here is all the travel essentials I use when I travel:

Camera Gear

Hiking Gear

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