About Me

Hello there, I’m Pete, the founder of this blog. With over 60 countries traveled, 40 travel videos created, many of which featured on many famous outlets and more than 200 articles written across my 6 years time on the road, you have got to wonder how did I do it. Here is my story…

A Nomad

I have been traveling for 7 years, going from one country to another while working on BucketListly Blog and my other business ventures.

An Entrepreneur

I am a travel blogger, travel filmmaker, a freelance designer, and an entrepreneur, founder of BucketListly Blog, Travelistly, and The Pete Design.

A Travel Filmmaker

I love making travel videos. My travel videos have been featured on outlets like BBC, National Geographic and many more.

Countries Visited: 65+
Years Travelled: 6+
Posts Written: 150+

A Brief History

Born and raised in Bangkok, Thailand, I was fortunate enough to be able to study English extensively when I was young and got myself into Computer Science program at a university.

Like most Thais, I got a job immediately after university and started working as a programmer. Back then, I had never dreamed of having a traveling lifestyle because it seems impossible then. But thanks to my work, I eventually burned out and swore to never set foot in the corporate world again.

I started freelancing as a UI designer for the first time in 2012 and began traveling solo around the world and documenting my journey through my films and my writing and that was where it all began.

Me Today…

Me working in Dresden Germany 2015

Me working in Dresden Germany 2015

Fast forward to today, I am now a travel filmmaker, a photographer, a digital nomad, a design freelancer, and all in all, a solo traveler. I tell my travel stories through a combination of award-winning travel videos, gorgeous photography and immersive writing all in one.

I was a digital nomad even before I knew what a digital nomad was.

Me working on a project before sleeping inside a 2000 years old church in Armenia

Me working on a project before sleeping inside a 2000 years old church in Armenia

A digital nomad is simply a person who leverage technology to do their jobs. When I started, I simply wanted to travel around the world but as you all know, money and time are required to do so and since I was no stranger to programming and design, I leveraged those skills and start a journey to become who I am today.

Through freelancing (The Pete Design), working with brands for this blogs, and running other online businesses like Travelistly, I was able to fund my travel lifestyle and make my dream come true.

My Travel Style

Morning coffee in the Peruvian Andes after trekking for 3 days on the Santa Cruz trek in Huaraz, Peru.

Morning coffee in the Peruvian Andes after trekking for 3 days on the Santa Cruz trek in Huaraz, Peru.

I travel solo most of the time, filming and photographing interesting things in front of me. Even though I am very flexible, I always tend to go to places with stunning mountain ranges and places nobody goes. I lean more on the budget side of things when it comes to travel cost (sleeping in dorms, taking long hours buses and preferred walking etc.) but I will not shy away from suggesting things that cost a little bit more, say Skydiving in New Zealand for example.

All in all, I like to go where the adventures are and I don’t mind getting my hands dirty to get to it.

BucketListly Blog

Initially, the blog was going to be a place where I document my random travel thoughts I got on a 14 hours bus ride but after years and years of experimenting, the blog has evolved into something so much more.

Nowadays, I write about travel adventure and life stories I encountered on the road, create comprehensive guides and itineraries to countries you have never heard of, and write about my lifestyle as a digital nomad and how you can become one too.

My Mission

My main goal for this blog is to have a place where people can learn from my experiences and mistakes while helping and inspiring others so that they can enjoy their lives to the fullest. My travel goals on the other hand much simpler:

  • To visit every country in the world.
  • To create travel videos for every single country I visited.

Follow my journey

First of all, thank you for reading this far. I really appreciate you showing interested in BucketListly blog. I plan to share even more of my itinerary, gear and travel knowledge I learned so far with you this year so stay tuned for more. Thank you for reading and have a great travel!