Top 10 Things to Do in Odesa, Ukraine - A 2-Days Backpacking Itinerary for Odesa, Ukraine

Top 10 Things to Do in Odesa, Ukraine

A 2-Days Backpacking Itinerary for Odesa, Ukraine

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If you ask around the locals of Odesa, "Where are you from?", they will most likely answer: "I am Odesan" instead of Ukrainian. Due to its strategic location on the coast of the Black Sea, Odesa had seen many occupants that came and went. What remains is Odesa and its population of refugees and foreigners that built the city from the ground up and made it what it is today.

From Turkish influence to Slavs and Western European influences, Odesa is a type of cities you have never seen before. One house in the same neighborhood might have Gothic architectural-style whereas the one next to it might have Brutalism architectural-style from the Soviet-era, and another next to it with a touch of the colorful Ottoman-Turkish influence. This is Odesa.

In most cities, this chaotic blend of cultures might not work but in Odesa, they do, hence why Odesa is one of the most popular cities to visit in Ukraine.

In order to get to know Odesa in its full potential, you will need a travel guide that will help you find cool things to do and what to see while you are there. Here is a complete backpacking guide on great things to do in Odesa, Ukraine with a 2-days suggested itinerary, and many more. Without further ado, let's begin with Odesa Attractions Itinerary Map.

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Odesa Attractions and Things to Do Itinerary Map

Odesa Attractions and Things to Do Itinerary Map

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When to Visit Odesa, Ukraine

A couple walking at the Istanbul Park in Odesa, Ukraine

The best time to visit Odesa is from late-April to early-October where the temperature (16°C - 30°C) is good enough for most people to enjoy.

The weather will be a bit cooler during Spring and Autumn but you will get fewer tourists during those periods whereas the weather will be nice and warm in the summer months but there will be a lot more tourists then. Odesa gets a lot more tourists than most cities in Ukraine, so factor that when you are deciding when to visit Odesa.

Where to Stay in Odesa, Ukraine

Budget - DREAM Hostel Odesa - 5 USD/Night (Dorm)

Mid-Range - Mezzanine Hotel - 26 USD / Night (Double Room with Private Bathroom)

How to Get to Odesa, Ukraine

How to Get to Ukraine

A sleeping booth of an overnight train in Odesa, Ukraine.

In order to get to Odesa, you can either fly directly into Odesa or you will have to fly to Kyiv and take an overnight train to Odesa.

If you are coming from the US, there is a direct flight from New York to Kyiv via Ukrainian Airline that you can take or you can fly via several European airlines like KLM, Lufthansa, and Air France into any of the main hubs in Europe, and then fly directly to Odesa.

If you are already in Europe or the Middle East, you have a bit more options with Ukrainian Airline. They sometimes fly directly from big cities like Warsaw or Istanbul straight to Odesa or with one transit in Kyiv.

If you are in Asia, the simplest option is to fly directly from one of the hub cities like Bangkok to Kyiv via Ukrainian Airline. They are cheap and fly direct to Kyiv in 11 hours and from Kyiv, you can take an overnight train to Odesa.

To find a cheap flight to Kyiv or Odesa, I would recommend you use Skyscanner or Momondo to look for the cheapest route and schedule so you can compare and pick the best one.

How to Get from Kyiv to Odesa, Ukraine

Once you arrive in Kyiv, you have a few options to travel to Odesa. There are 3 daily trains from Kyiv to Odesa, all of which are overnight and leaves in the afternoon or evening. It takes from 8 to 13 hours and cost as low as 170 UAH for third-class seats.

Getting from Kyiv Airport to Kyiv Train Station

This is pretty straight forward. There is a direct bus operator called Skybus you can take from the airport.

Simply Follow the BUS sign and you will find a Skybus waiting for you outside the terminal. Get on the bus number is 322 and it will take you directly to Kyiv Central Station.

Skybus operates from 5:40 - 23:30 and it runs every 30 - 60 minutes or so. The bus will cost you around 100 UAH and they only accept cash. The journey will take you around 1 hour depending on the traffic and the time you arrive.

You can book your trains online through the official website here: Book Ukraine Train Online or through You can simply pay with your credit card and you will receive an email with a QR code and all you have to do is show it to the ticket master when you are on the train.

How to Get Around Odesa, Ukraine

With my recommended accommodation, you will be right at the center of all the tourist attractions recommended here and you can walk to all of them pretty easily.

Due to the fact that there is a hidden network of catacomb under Odesa, previously used by smugglers to smuggled illegal items into the Soviet Union, it was impossible to build a Metro System in Odesa, and so if you want to travel a bit further you will have to rely on either buses or Uber or Uklon, the local alternative to Uber to get around.

In order to find the right bus route, you can use Google Maps, punch in your destination and the app will recommend a bus number for you to take. The bus costs 7 UAH per trip and you can pay the driver when you get off.

How to Get from Odesa Train Station to the City Center

The Odesa Train Station is only a 30-minutes walk away from the city center so you can just walk. If you have a lot of luggage, you can also call Uber or Uklon and organize a taxi with them.

How Many Days to Spend in Odesa, Ukraine

2 men fishing in the Black Sea in Odesa, Ukraine.

In my opinion, Odesa does not have as many unique things to do as in other cities in Ukraine and most tourist attractions are so close together, it can all be seen in one day, so I would recommend you spend around 2 full days (3 nights) in Odesa. Here's a 2-days itinerary for Odesa:

Day 1: Spend your first day visiting all the tourist attractions within the city center like Cathedral Square, Odesa Opera House, Potemkin Stairs, and Derybasivska Main Street while going for a stroll through Tarasa Shevchenka Park and watch the sunset at Lanzheron Beach.

Day 2: Go and explore Wild Catacomb with a local explorer and come back in the afternoon and enjoy all the coffee and seafood the city has to offer before ending your trip in Odesa.

How Much Money Do I Need for Odesa, Ukraine

With the given itinerary above, we can calculate the minimum amount of money you will need to make this Odesa trip happen.

Accommodation: 5 USD in a dorm for 3 nights is 15 USD (372 UAH).

Food: The usual price for a meal is 150 UAH but if you want seafood in a good restaurant (which I recommend), it could cost you 300 UAH per meal. To balance it out, I would say 2 meals of 150 UAH and one meal for 300 UAH for a day. In total for 2 days, you will spend around 1200 UAH for food.

Transportation: You won't have to travel anywhere far with this itinerary but just in case, I'll add 1 roundtrip of the bus to the calculation so 14 UAH in total.

Activities: The most expensive activities you will have to pay for this itinerary is the Wild Catacomb Tour which I highly recommend. It costs 500 UAH + 30 UAH for transportation per person for a 3 hours exploration inside the abandoned parts of the Catacomb outside of Odesa. This is the most unique thing you can do in Odesa.

Total Budget for 2 days in Odesa: 2116 UAH (85 USD).

Is it Safe in Odesa, Ukraine?

It is very safe in Odesa. Although, the main street of Derybasivska gets really crowded in the evening so be sure to keep an eye on your belongings just in case.

The most dangerous thing in this itinerary is the exploration of the Wild Catacomb. As you can see from the name, we are going to explore the abandoned part of the Catacomb that is rarely trodden by people so you will be in the dark in a cave-like environment with low ceilings and sometimes, muddy floors so watch your step when you are exploring the catacomb. You guide will help you navigate the catacomb so there is no way you will get lost here.

Internet in Odesa, Ukraine

Like most big cities in Ukraine, Odesa has a reliable internet infrastructure and you can always count on finding a restaurant or a cafe with fast WIFI for you to stay connected. Hostels, as well as hotels, have great WIFI as well, so you will be completely fine if you do not want to buy a sim card.

If you want to buy a local sim card just in case, you can get the one from Vodafone or Kyivstar. They both offer similar plans with data ranging from 2GB to unlimited costing between 55 UAH - 220 UAH.

For more information about Ukraine local sim card: Ukraine Prepaid Data Sim Card.

Travel Insurance

If you are looking for travel insurance to go along with your trip to Ukraine, I would recommend, which is what I use to look for travel insurance that fits my kind of adventure.

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Things to Do in Odesa, Ukraine

1. Explore the Wild Catacomb of Odesa

Me entering the wild catacomb entrance in Odesa, Ukraine

One of the highlights in Odesa for me was to go on a Wild Catacomb tour to explore this man-made labyrinths with a local guide who is also a catacomb enthusiast.

The dimly lit entrance to the wild Catacomb in Odesa, Ukraine.

As I introduced previously, Odesa has the largest network of Catacomb in the world. It is said that this urban labyrinths could be as long as 2,500 km. That is the distance from Odesa to Paris!

One of the man-made tunnels in the Catacomb in Odesa, Ukraine.

The reason for the existent of these network of tunnels is due to all stone mining operation in the 19th Century that built the very city sitting on top of it. The tunnels went deeper and deeper as miners used it as a source of cheap construction materials to build Odesa and all its structures.

Bullets found inside the Catacomb in Odesa, Ukraine.

During World War 2, Odesa Catacomb was used by the Soviet partisans to hide and ambush the advancing Axis power. You can see many of the wartime remnants like bullets and equipment used to survive within the part of the catacomb the tour will take you to.

Our guide, Egor from Wild Catacomb explained to us how humid the Catacomb is in Odesa, Ukraine.

There were only 3 of us including our local guide on the day I went to the catacomb. Our guide, Egor is a catacomb enthusiast who enjoys exploring the vast network of tunnels all over Odesa. He likes to come with his friends to picnic and camp in this tunnel on the weekends while exploring new routes throughout the catacomb.

A poetry written by one of the miners we found inside the Catacomb in Odesa, Ukraine.

He took us to many different areas from living quarters to a church while explaining to us all the graffiti and pictures drawn by the partisans and sometimes, the miners themselves.

Me holding a giant saw that were used to cut these tunnels in the Catacomb in Odesa, Ukraine.

We also get to see the saw used to cut these limestones that were left by the miners.

An entrance to the catacomb in Usatove near Odesa, Ukraine.

What makes this tour so special, unlike the catacomb museum in Odesa where you can only see a small part of it, is the fact that our guide took us outside Odesa to this random town called Usatove and pointed us to this random cracks in a rock that somehow expanded into a large network of tunnels.

A meeting room we found in the Catacomb in Odesa, Ukraine.

There is no way anyone would be able to find where this tunnel is unless you are with someone who really knows what they are doing. When I saw the entrance, that was when I realized that this Wild Catacomb tour is the real thing.

A living quarter where our guide like to camp and picnic with his friends in the Catacomb in Odesa, Ukraine.

If you are looking for a unique experience in Odesa, you have to explore the untamed part of the Catacomb. You can book the Wild Catacomb Tour through Tripadvisor for 400 UAH. They leave 3 times a day (9 AM, 1 PM, and 5 PM) and the meeting location is by the bicycle rack near McDonald's in front of the Odesa-Holovna Train Station.

2. Watch a Ballet/Opera at Odesa National Theater of Opera and Ballet

Odesa Opera House facade in Ukraine.

One of the most popular tourist attractions in Odesa is the Odesa National Theater of Opera and Ballet, or the Odesa Opera House, a stunning landmark where you can go and watch local talents shine.

A graduation ceremony at Odesa Opera House in Ukraine.

Odesa Opera House was constructed by Fellner & Helmer, an Austrian architect who designed many of the historical buildings in Vienna hence why the exterior is constructed in the Neo-Baroque architectural-style while the audience hall is in French-Rococo architectural-style.

The side view of Odesa Opera House in Ukraine.

If you think the outside is already impressive, wait until you go inside and see its grandeur audience hall, unfortunately you will have to get a ticket to go inside. That is why I recommend you to attend one of the shows at Odesa Opera House.

There are several shows happening almost every day. It doesn't cost much and lasts long so you can enjoy the local shows while you are in the middle of exploring the city.

For the show schedule, you can check the Odesa Opera House Official Website. Keep in mind that they have a dress code so if you are planning to attend a show, be sure to not to wear shorts, t-shirts, vests, clothes, and shoes for sports or beaches.

3. Walk or Take the Funicular Down Potemkin Stairs

The Potemkin Stairs from the Funicular station in Odesa, Ukraine.

The Potemkin Stairs is a giant 192-steps stairway that connects Odesa City to the harbor and the sea. It is considered to be the formal entrance to the city and now, a popular tourist attraction for travelers to see.

You can see 2 optical illusions, a feature created by design, of the Potemkin Stairs. One is that if you look from the top, you will only see the landings and on the steps whereas if you look from the bottom, you will only see the steps but none of the landings.

Another cool optical illusion is that if you look from the bottom, the stairways will feel like it is longer than it actually is. The reason behind this is because the builder designed the stairs in a way that the bottom is wider than the top which enhances and magnify the true length of the stairs.

A funicular going up and down the Potemkin Stairs in Odesa, Ukraine.

Other than walking up and down the Potemkin Stairs, you can also take a funicular up/down the stairs. The trip will take 12 minutes and cost around 3 UAH per way.

4. Stroll Around Tarasa Shevchenka Park in the Evening

People hanging out at Tarasa Shevchenka Park in Odesa, Ukraine.

If Odesa gets a little too overwhelming for you, you can take a break by going for a walk around Tarasa Shevchenka Park, a large city park with many walking paths, several cafes, and monuments for you to check out.

Sunset at Tarasa Shevchenka Park in Odesa, Ukraine.

The best time to visit Tarasa Shevchenka Park is in the late afternoon where the shade of the trees cover most of the walking path. It is also on the way to Lanzheron beach which is a great place to be at sunset so you can make your way there for the sunset through Tarasa Shevchenka Park.

People chilling out at a cafe in Tarasa Shevchenka Park in Odesa, Ukraine.

My favorite walking path is Suvorivska Alley that goes through the Northern part of the park along a platform that is overlooking the Black Sea allowing you to enjoy the ocean breeze as well as see the massive Odesa port from above.

5. Relax by the Black Sea at Lanzheron Beach

Lanzheron Beach at sunset in Odesa, Ukraine.

Once you walk through Tarasa Shevchenka Park, you can follow the road going South and continue to Lanzheron Beach, a nice and lively place to hang out around locals.

More concrete platform at Lanzheron Beach in Odesa, Ukraine.

The beach itself was disappointing, to be honest. There is a very small sandy area that looks nice but crowded and the rest is all concrete but there are many bars and restaurants near Lanzheron that you can indulge yourself in while being near the ocean.

6. Look Up at the Grandeur Glass Ceiling of Odesa Passage

The Odesa Passage interior and the shops inside in Odesa, Ukraine.

Odesa Passage is a great reminder of how big of an impact Western Europe had on the city. This beautiful architectural wonder reminded me of a shopping street with a glass ceiling in Paris.

The glass ceiling of Odesa Passage in Odesa, Ukraine.

The interior of Odesa Passage is filled with Classical sculptures, bright-colored facades, and all very well-lit under a beautiful glass ceiling. It's not big but there are a few shops and cafes you can check out inside.

7. Be Bombarded by Street Performances at Derybasivska Main Street

A crowded Derybasivska street in the evening in Odesa, Ukraine.

In the evening, right around sunset, Derybasivska Main Street turned from a regular shopping street into an impromptu circus where all the street performers come out and try to attract tourists attention with their amazing performances.

A group of people with red balloons participating in an event at Derybasivska Street in Odesa, Ukraine

Not just in the evening, during the day, Derybasivska Main Street is a popular meeting point for people to meet and a great place for you to start your day of exploration in Odesa.

People with red balloons walking along Derybasivska Street in Odesa, Ukraine

The Opera House is not too far, the Cathedral Square is just around the corner, and there are tons of cool museums for you to visit like Chocolate Museum, Odesa Museum of Western and Eastern Art, and Pushkin Museum.

Tourists from everywhere walking along Derybasivska Street in Odesa, Ukraine

All in all, Derybasivska Main Street is a great place to unwind in the evening after a long day of exploration. There are many restaurants and bars along this road and probably one of the best places to be if you are looking for nightlife.

8. Check Out the Cathedral Square

Spaso-Preobrazhensky Cathedral in the Cathedral Square in Odesa Ukraine.

One of the largest religious buildings in Odesa is the Spaso-Preobrazhensky Cathedral located right at the center of Cathedral Square, a huge spacious park surrounded by awesome restaurants that I will be recommending later on.

The yellow and white interior of Spaso-Preobrazhensky Cathedral in the Cathedral Square in Odesa Ukraine.

This Orthodox Cathedral is modern in design and massive in size. It was the first church in Odesa built in 1794 but it was demolished during the Soviet time and had only been rebuilt again in 1999. Even though they try to mimic the greatness of old with their decor, you can feel that it is new just by walking into it and observe how perfect and clean it is.

The beautiful ceiling of Spaso-Preobrazhensky Cathedral in the Cathedral Square in Odesa Ukraine.

Around the Cathedral Square, you will find many cool restaurants, cafes, and bars that you can enjoy. I especially like this area because it is not as crowded as Derybasivska Main Street but still offers a great range of places to eat and chill out. Highly recommended if you are looking for a quieter place to enjoy your dinner than bustling Derybasivska Street.

9. Eat all the Seafood in Odesa

A Seafood seller in Odesa, Ukraine.

Odesa may not have as many things to do as Kyiv or Lviv but they sure made up for it with the number of Seafood restaurants you can devour. Considering how expensive seafood is in Europe, Odesa offers all kinds of fresh seafood but at a very reasonable price.

A bucket of Mussels from Kotelok in Odesa, Ukraine.

To give you a taste of Odesa seafood, a big bucket of mussels at Kotelok, which in my opinion is one of the best seafood restaurants in Odesa, cost from 240 - 360 UAH (10 - 15 USD). For seafood in such a great restaurant, that is pretty reasonably priced in my opinion.

The entrance of Kotelok Seafood Restaurant in Odesa, Ukraine.

If you are traveling in Odesa, be sure to reserve your last meal in the city for a seafood dish and then you can finally say that you have been to Odesa.

10. Go Cafe-Hopping in Odesa

A Cafe in Tarasa Shevchenka Park in Odesa, Ukraine.

Last but not least, Odesa continued the Ukrainian tradition of having one hell of a vibrant cafe-culture that rivals many big cities in Europe. Even though I didn't spend that long in Odesa, I had a chance to try some of their cafes and I can tell you that, if you are addicted to coffee as I do, you are screwed (in a good way 😆).

The interior of Atelier. Design & Coffee in Odesa, Ukraine.

There are so many nice cafes for you to try in Odesa. A few of my favorites are Atelier. Design & Coffee and their deliciously healthy Buddha Bowl, Foundation Coffee Roasters and their tasty brewed coffee, and Whoopie Coffee & Pancakes and their mouth-watering pancakes.

Let's just say, you will never go hungry or in need of caffeine when you are traveling in Odesa.

Other Things to Do in Odesa, Ukraine

1. Learn About Alexander Pushkin, the Great Russian Poet at Pushkin Museum

Alexander Pushkin statue in front of Pushkin Museum in Odesa, Ukraine

Odesa was once home to one of the world most-renown poet from Russia, Alexander Pushkin who, after fearing of persecution by the Tsar, moved from Moscow to Odesa, the only free port city in Russia during that time.

A plaque dedicated to Pushkin in front of his old apartment in Odesa, Ukraine.

He stayed in this apartment, that has since been turned into a museum, for 13 months before being exiled again from Odesa. The museum housed exhibition that includes genuine editions of the poet's work so if you are interested to learn more about Pushkin, be sure to visit Pushkin Museum in Odesa.

2. Keep an Eye Out for Old Architecture and Monument around Odesa

Beautiful buildings around Monument to Catherine II in Odesa, Ukraine.

As I introduced earlier, Odesa is a city of refugees and foreigners that brought their cultures with them and built the city we see today and as such, you will find many buildings with different architectural-style across the city.

Stunning architecture along a street in Odesa, Ukraine.

Some of the cool buildings you should look out for while you are in Odesa are Vorontsov Palace, Tioschin Bridge, Shah's Palace, Monument to Orange, the buildings around Monument to Catherine II, and Odesa's Philharmonic Theatre.

3. Visit the Witch House of Odesa

The Witch House of Odesa optical illusion in Ukraine.

If you think Potemkin Stairs has a great optical illusion, wait until you see Witch House of Odesa or as many call it the One-Wall Building. Walking past it at first, you might think it is just a regular-looking building, but if you look at it at the right angle, the building will seem like it is only one-wall thick.

If you are in Odesa, be sure to keep an eye out for this building and let me know if you can find the right angle that turned the building into a thin wall facade.

4. Go People-Watching at Privoz Market

Privoz Market in Odesa, Ukraine.

If you like to go people watching or are looking to buy some secondhand goods or anything you could think of, Privoz Market is a great place to visit.

Local women selling goods at Privoz Market in Odesa, Ukraine.

This sprawling market has been operating since 1827 and it is considered to be the largest market in the city. You can find almost anything here from cheap clothes to Turkish spices. You will also get to see what life is like outside the touristy area of Odesa which is always interesting to experience.

5. Admire the Domes of the Cathedral of Great Martyr And Healers Panteleimon

The beautiful domes of the Cathedral of Great Martyr And Healers Panteleimon in Odesa, Ukraine.

When I was walking from the train station to the city center, I spotted a really cool-looking church, the Cathedral of Great Martyr And Healers Panteleimon.

The Cathedral of Great Martyr And Healers Panteleimon from the road in Odesa, Ukraine.

Its many beautiful domes reminiscing of the Alexander Nevsky Cathedral I saw in Tallinn, Estonia, stood out from the rest of the buildings so much that I had to check it out up close. If you are planning to walk from the train station to the city center, be sure to stop by the Cathedral of Great Martyr And Healers Panteleimon.

6. Pledge Allegiance to Darth Vader Statue and Join the Dark Side

Last but not least, if you are a Star Wars fan and you sympathize with the Empire, you should definitely go pledge your allegiance to the Darth Vader statue in Odesa 😆.

The reason why there is a Darth Vader Statue in Odesa is that when the Soviet Union collapsed, the process of decommunization from the Eastern Bloc began. Monuments of Lenin are torn down across the country except one.

Lenin's pose on this one statue in Odesa reminded one Ukranian artist of someone else and before being torn down, the artist proposed to turn this Lenin's statue into the first-ever Darth Vader monument in the world.

If you are looking for something weird to end your epic trip in Odesa, this is it!

Where to Eat and Drink in Odesa, Ukraine

Eat a Bucket of Mussels at Kotelok Seafood Restaurant

The entrance of Kotelok Seafood Restaurant in Odesa, Ukraine.

As I mentioned before, my most favorite seafood restaurant in Odesa that you must try is Kotelok, located not too far from the Cathedral Square. They serve one of the most delicious mussels I have ever tasted in a big bucket together with fries and a baguette.

A bucket of mussels from Kotelok in Odesa, Ukraine.

The bucket of mussels come in many flavors that you can choose from. I chose the one with Garlic sauce and it was so delicious I had to come back the next day to try it again. The price for a bucket of mussels is from 240 - 360 UAH and I can assure you, it is well worth the money spent. They also serve other types of seafood too if you are not into mussels.

A bucket of mussels, fries and a baguette from Kotelok in Odesa, Ukraine.

Kotelok is very popular among locals as well as tourists so you might need to wait a while if you want to get seats during dinner time. I would suggest you come around 6 - 7 PM as the place tends to get packed from 8 - 10 PM.

Stuff Yourself with Pancakes at Whoopie Coffee & Pancakes

The interior of Whoopie Coffee & Pancakes in Odesa, Ukraine.

If you are looking for a place to grab a quick bite or refuel your sugar-level, Whoopie Coffee & Pancakes is one of the hidden gem cafes of Odesa you should definitely try.

The Nutella Pancake from Whoopie Coffee & Pancakes in Odesa, Ukraine.

They serve a great breakfast, the most delicious pancakes in town, and a wide selection of coffee to go with it. I tried their Nutella Pancakes after a day of exploring the catacomb and boy, was it a much-needed reward for a long day like that.

The bar and the interior of Whoopie Coffee & Pancakes in Odesa, Ukraine.

The cafe is very well decorated, the staff is very friendly, and they have great WIFI and power sockets for you to charge your phone or laptop. Does it get any better than this?

Try the Buddha Bowl and a Coffee at Atelier. Design & Coffee

The interior of Atelier. Design & Coffee in Odesa, Ukraine.

Last but not least, if you are looking for an atmospheric cafe with a cozy vibe that serves delicious coffee, Atelier. Design & Coffee is a cafe you shouldn't miss.

With its all-wooden decoration and cool artsy lighting, this cafe is as cozy as it comes. They serve breakfast as well as lunch in the form of a healthy Buddha Bowl, a bowl full of small portions of several foods such as avocadoes, brown rice, and different kinds of vegetables.

The Buddha Bowl and a milkshake from Atelier. Design & Coffee in Odesa, Ukraine.

I had one of their Buddha Bowl and it was delicious. If you are looking for a place to sit and relax in Odesa, be sure to check out Atelier. Design & Coffee.

And there you have it, the best things to do, see and eat in Odesa. If you have any questions about traveling in Odesa, please do not hesitate to let me know in the comments below.

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