Life Doesn't Suck. -  We are Just Suck at Living it

Life Doesn't Suck.

We are Just Suck at Living it

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Every time I see people complaining about their lives, how it sucks so bad, or how fucked up of a situation they are in, I clinched a little. People blame life for everything. You got a bad grade from schools, you blame life. You didn't get the job you wanted, you blame life. You feel like you should earn more, guess what, you blame life.

Life, at its core, is simply about survival, but we have grown accustomed to this materialized world where material gains are seen as superior, whereas people who live day by day are seen as inferior. I know this because, I was one of them chasing the "American dream", owning cars, saving money for a mortgage, trying to earn as much as I can doing jobs I hate. It was not until I started traveling the world alone that I realized how simple life actually is.

I have been meeting people from around the world, talking about what they do at home, and how they were able to enable such nomadic lifestyles and here are the stories that will change how you look at life:

1. A French Author

Currently Cycling Around the World

Two months ago when I was traveling in Johannesburg, I had the opportunity to share a hostel with one of the most inspiring guys I have ever met, a guy I could sit and listen to his stories all day. He is currently cycling around the world from Europe to New Zealand where he shipped his bike to South Africa to continue his journey up the northeastern side of Africa and so on.

I was extremely interested in how he managed to pursue such a feat and so I asked him what kind of career he has back home. To my surprise, his answer was simple, he rented out his house in France. At first, I thought he must have a really big house that earn him a large amount of cash each month but as I realized and he admitted, it doesn't cost that much to travel the world on a bike. Instead of flying, the bikes, for free. Instead of staying in hotels, he either camps out or stays with the locals. He only has to pay for his food.

It doesn't cost much to travel the world, if you are willing to go the extra mile - BucketListly

I was expecting an elaborate answer that requires years of planning and hard work, and as he explained what he does in one simple sentence, I was stunned. Can life get any simpler than this?

2. A Freelance illustrator

Traveling One Country at a Time

During my trip in the Australian outback, I shared a room with one of the best illustrators I know and after learning about what she does for a living, I started to admire her initiatives. She is a self-taught illustrator who, without the help of the education system, strived and make a living doing what she loves most, drawing. Out of school, she started off freelancing without taking any corporate jobs like most people do and 6 years passed, she has illustrated several children books, go on multiple book signing events in several countries and are currently planning for a big trip to the US.

Nothing great in the world has ever been accomplished without passion - BucketListly.

What I respect most about her is that she simply pursued her dream and strived even when all odds were against her. She sent her resume to countless publishers without getting a reply for several months before she landed her first job. She has no design degree and yet she persisted. Live by your passion. Nothing great in the world has ever been accomplished without passion.

3. A Law Graduate

Choose a Country First, Ask Later

While I was on a 4 days safari tour, I met a recent law graduate from Switzerland who decided to come to Africa for a volunteer work. I asked her what brought her here and she simply replied, "I like the African music". That's all it takes for her to come to a country. No elaborate planning, no excuses, just a ticket and bam, she is here. We had a few beers together, and as the night went by, she started telling me about Berlin and how it draws her attention. The culture, the art, the music, and these are all she needed to have her mind fixated on a city.

You don't need a great reason to travel, all you need is a plane ticket - BucketListly.

What I admire her most is that even though she is a law graduate, she doesn't mind working in jobs that some people may consider her overqualified. She wanted to live in Berlin and so she simply took a job as a bartender, and her dream is completed. It is as simple as that.

4. My Take on Simple Life

Trading freedom to earn more? No thanks!

After hearing countless stories like these, I decided to do something about my life. I quitted my job and decided to work on my own terms running BucketListly and occasionally doing freelance work along the way. Even though the first few months of being unemployed was tough as I was earning less money than before, but then I realized, I didn't actually need that much money to survive in the first place. I reassessed my life and cut back on unnecessary costs such as Starbucks, commute, etc. to a bare minimum and to my surprise I was able to save more money than I previously could. I live a simpler life and in turn, I have more money to spend on what I am actually passionate about, travel.

What You Can Take From This:

From observation and personal experiences, I have come to a conclusion that the modern society is the reason why our lives seem so difficult. We are always besting ourselves trying to earn more and more money. There's never enough in this surplus society and that's what is driving us crazy.

Take a step back from the society and look at it with a fresh pair of eyes. Why are we working at a job we hate? To earn more money? Why do we have to earn more money anyway? Does more money make our lives better? Does it make you happier?

Time is the only monetary worthwhile of spending, and If you spent all that time trying to earn more money, then what's left for you to spend on? Your time is gone and you will never get it back.

Life is as simple as you make it to be.

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