The Problem with Living in the Moment - Too Much of Something is Never Good

The Problem with Living in the Moment

Too Much of Something is Never Good

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One of the most common advice we get in life is to "live in the moment". In the age of the mobile phones and the Internet, the advice has never been more relevant than today. But what would happen when we live our lives by that statement all the time?

I had the opportunity to travel around the world while believing that statement to heart and even though the advice is great, there were times when I wish I was not caught in the moment. There were times when stepping out of the moment and reflecting back on the past might have yield a much more satisfactory result and a much happier closure.

The purpose of this post is not to diminish the benefit of living in the moment but to highlight the importance of balancing the awareness between the past and the present.

The Problem with Living in the Moment

When we are living in the moment, our minds are focused toward things that are happenning in front of us right at that moment without any concerns of the past and the future. The problem with this is that we are being blind from seeing the bigger picture.

Living in the moment became our excuse for acting recklessly, and disrespectfully and expecting no consequences

As a traveler, I despise the need for materialistic approval in the society we are living in. We aim for a short term gratification and instead neglect the long term reward. But as I have been "living in the moment", I found myself doing the things I despise the most, by acting recklessly to get what I want at that moment and in the end not seeing the bigger picture and the consequence that come after. At the end, it was hard for me to let the false moment go and unhappiness ensued. That is not how living in the present is suppose to work.

Stepping out of the Moment

The one thing we don't get from living in the moment is the process of applying what we learned from our past mistakes to the present. By stepping out of the moment and becoming observant rather than engaged, we are able to reflect on our mistakes and try to avoid them in the present and the future. When we know the consequence of our action beforehand, we will be more equiped to deal the result and the inevitable closure.

In and out of the moment

As with all things in the world, balance is the key to a healthy life. Being able to live in the moment is a trait not many people have and it is an important aspect to a healthy life, but is also stepping out of the moment once in a while.

Don't use "living in the moment" as an excuse to be careless about the country we traveled to, to be disrespectful to the locals and the people we are with and to create false hope and expectiation.

Give yourself sometime to reflect on your past. Leave rooms for your thoughts to flourish and allow yourself to see the bigger picture. Your action might not differ but at least you are aware of what you are about to do and you accept the consequence as what it is with no false hope and expectation.

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