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Azerbaijan, the Land of Fire Travel Video

Azerbaijan or as it is known as the Land of Fire was kind of an unknown to me as a travel destination and so I decided to travel there and spend a month exploring the country from the hyper-modern capital city of Baku to the peculiar exclave republic of Nakhchivan. The journey begins at a site where they discovered several prehistoric rock carvings not too far from Baku.

The history of Azerbaijan stretched back to prehistoric times which is evidenced by the rock carvings in Gobustan and that's where our journey begins in the video. From the empty vastness of the land to humans existing throughout prehistoric times, to the discovery of fire that sprawled up all kinds of civilization, and then there was oil and that where the intro ends and our journey in modern-day Azerbaijan begins.

The video will take you through some of the most incredible sights in the hyper-modern city of Baku before making our way out into the mountains in the Azerbaijani Caucasus.

For this video, I wanted to show you the crazy development that came after the discovery of oil in the country, and you will notice many reference to the fact throughout the video such as the footages of the oil pumps and the excessive use of moving car footages after the intro. The journey picks up from there and you will see several footages of all the beautiful landscapes, architectures, and the people I met during the trip, all fastly cut in a way that should help you imagine what Azerbaijan is like.

Again, I hope you enjoy this video as much as I do making them. Enjoy!

Location: Baku, Quba, Khinaliq, Laza, Sheki, Ganja, and Nakhchivan

Music: Journey by Itai Armon (Licensed through

Camera: Sony a6500 - Here is why the Sony a6500 is the best travel camera to get.

Camera Lens: 16 - 70mm F4 Zeiss lens and a few other lenses you can see here.

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