Long Tail Thailand Travel Video
Comment / 03/22/2016

Long Tail Thailand Travel Video

Due to the many unused footages from South East Asia travel video https://vimeo.com/157133452, I decided to break up the countries down individually starting from Thailand. At the beginning of 2016, I travelled briefly in Thailand with the people I met on the road. I wanted to see more of my own country so I decided to tag along with them. The trip took me to Kho Phangan, Koh Lipe and the Khasok National Park and all of these have one thing in common.. the mode of transportation. I realized that in traveling long distances around these areas, we had to rely on the long tail boat which is an integral part of the local's way of living in the south of Thailand. Thanks to the long tail boat, we were able to go snorkeling, went deep into the rain forest, and interact with wild life up close and this video captures that.

Location: Koh Phangan, Koh Lipe, Khaosok National Park - Thailand
Camera Gear: http://blog.bucketlistly.com/post/145558191893/travel-photography-gear-guide-light-travel
Music: Congo - Bear Mountain

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