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In Isolation - Turkmenistan Travel Video

Turkmenistan is by far one of the most difficult countries I have ever set foot in. Due to its isolation from the outside world and its political obscurity, being there was a challenge but also fascinating.

For one, this country is where the Gateway to Hell is. Darvaza crater, as it is known as a natural gas crater that has continued to burn ever since it got lit on fire 60+ years ago. Camping near it at night was one of the most bizarre and yet beautiful experience I ever had.

Ashgabat or the white marble city is quite hard to describe. Imagine if North Korea and Las Vegas had a baby, you'd get Ashgabat. With stunning, almost alien-looking structures scattered around Ashgabat, and the weirdly empty streets, I hated it at first but then I started to enjoy the city as I learned the ropes. It was different. In my 5 years of traveling, I have never seen a city like it. Ashgabat was interesting but for me, Turkmenistan is best to experience outside the city. Camping near the crater or on top of a canyon was possibly one of the best experience I had on this trip. These locations were so isolated with no one for miles away, it was quite incredible to think about it.

For this video, I went with a more cinematic and scenic visual with no crazy transitions or fast-paced cuts like my other videos so let me know what you think about it!

Location: Ashgabat, Yangykala Canyon, Darvaza Crater

Camera Gear: Sony a6500 + 16mm - 70mm Zeiss lens (

Music: Luke Atencio - Carved in Mayhem

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