Follow me & I'll Show You New Zealand - 5 weeks from north to south in 70 Photos
Follow me & I'll Show You New Zealand - 5 weeks from north to south in 70 Photos

Follow me & I'll Show You New Zealand

5 weeks from north to south in 70 Photos


On 20th October 2014, I embarked on a solo journey through the ridiculously beautiful landscape of New Zealand. 5 weeks of climbing mountains, walked one of the New Zealand's greatest walk, hiked on a glacier, jumped off the plane at 15000 ft, hitchhiked with strangers, made new friends and spent some quality time with each of them.

It was one of the best time of my life and it would be a shame if I let these memories decayed and lost over time so when I arrived in Auckland on the 21st October 2014, I came up with the idea to take photos of my back with the breathtaking sceneries of New Zealand and I continued to capture each and every places I went throughout my trip.

"Follow me and I'll show you the world"

The reason I chose to capture my back instead of my face like most people do is because the back photo gives a sense of you following someone, which in this case following me through the heart of New Zealand. It makes the photos less personal than an ordinary portrait and more interesting than generic nature photos. I would say, it is the best of both worlds.

Sit back, relax and enjoy the ride.


Landed in Auckland in the afternoon and decided to go for a walk up Mt Eden.


Wai-o-Tapu, the thermal wonderland. One of the most colorful place by nature I've seen so far.
The bad side about walking around an active thermal area was that you ended up smelling like a god damn boiled egg all day.
The Redwood park in Rotorua was where I understood why New Zealand is the best country in the world. Nature, nature and more nature!
Just a tiny man among giants.

The Tongariro Alpine Crossing

People claimed that the Tongariro Crossing is the best one day walk in all New Zealand. I have to agree!
I had the option to walk the normal crossing for 6 hours or climb Mt Doom and walk for 8 hours. Of course I chose the harder path. I'm not gonna be here forever!
This was me at the crater of Mt Doom (Mt Ngauruhoe). Nothing like you see in Lord of the Rings. :)
The view was worth the 3 hours extra hike, especially on a day like this. You could see from coast to coast.
If there is a place for me to hang my foot down the abyss, I would go for it, every single time!
The infamous emerald lake
The colors of lakes and rivers here in New Zealand were just ridiculous!


Kia Ora. Welcome to the South Island. After a day in Wellington, I took the Interislander cruise and landed at the gateway of the South Island, Picton.
I went for a 3 hours walk along the Snout track and arrived at the Snout head with the grand view of the Queen Charlotte Sound.
The sound stretched as far as the eye could see.
In the morning it was sunny, by midday the clouds started to form again. The weather changed so fast in New Zealand.


A much needed rest in Nelson, trying out all the coffees and cafes.


Janie Seddon Shipwreck near the coast of Motueka.
The shipwreck was illuminated by the light from Nelson and the stars.

Abel Tasman

I did a one day trip along the beach of the Abel Tasman from Torrent Bay to Onetahuti bay.
The trail was relatively easy so it was a fun walk with a decent view.
The color of the water down here still amazed me until this day. How could it be so vibrant!?
So this is what an un-commercialized beach is like. Coming from Thailand, this was new to me.
All the essentials I'd packed that day.


This was Cape Foulwind and from my brief time there, I understood completely why they named it that.
Biking against the wind for an hour in the rain wasn't ideal but the view was worth it.
A good lunch spot with an appetizing view.

Franz Josef

Explored Franz Josef a bit before going for the ice climb the next day.
The southern alps was finally within reach.
The ice climb trip was canceled due to strong wind so I decided to go for a walk instead.
Nothing like a morning walk alone along the river with a view of a snowy mountain.
As I approached closer to the glacier, I realized the true result of global warming.
200 years ago, the rock I stood on would have been buried deep under the glacier.
I gave the Ice climb another go, the next day and I was not disappointed!
Everyone's worst nightmare is the moment when you realize you are stuck in a narrow passage between 2 ices that weighed several tons, and you cant go back. I literally had to bend every parts of my body to slid through it. Thank god for the frictionless ice!


The road from Franz Josef to Wanaka was ridiculously scenic. Mountains and lakes all around!
Atop Mt Iron overlooking the town of Wanaka.
"Brace yourself. The storm is coming"
The lone tree in the middle of the lake.
It was the perfect day to walk around the lake. Wanaka was breathtaking, no matter where you look.
It took me an hour to walk around the lake. At the end of the walk, I was rewarded with a panoramic view of the mountain range.

Ben Lomond, Queenstown

It was extremely windy when I climbed Ben Lomond near Queenstown, but I did reach the summit and got a very dramatic view of the mountain.
Yes, this was the same day as the photo above, just 30 minutes apart. The weather in New Zealand is unpredictable!
The Remarkables and Queenstown from the Ben Lomond saddles. I would say, it was worth a day hike!

Milford Sound

On my way to the Milford Sound. This was when I started to realize how ridiculously the landscapes are around the Fiordland. It was beautiful, the bus I took had windows on top of the bus!
Statistically, the Milford Sound rains 200 days year round and I was there on the day it did NOT rain!
The scenery were like out of the King Kong movie. Everything is tremendous compare to puny human like us.

Routeburn Track

The Routeburn track, one of the greatest walk in New Zealand. The Routeburn track is a 3 days hike that takes you through beautiful valleys and lakes around the Fiordland National Park.
Our stop for the first night, the Lake Mackenzie.
The next day was a little brutal. There was a snowstorm and I was unable to see anything for almost the whole trail. The good thing was the mountains were covered in snow the next day.
Since I was unable to see anything the previous day, I decided to wake up early and backtrack to see what it looked like on a good day.
It was worth the extra effort. I mean, look at that view!
As we were going down, we spotted a very nice field so we rested there for a wee bit.
By we, I mean, me, Ashley, whom I met in Rotorua and I decided to meet her up again to do the Routeburn together with her sister, Rachel. It was so random which is why I love traveling so much!


I celebrated my 26th birthday by jumping 15000 feet off the plane overlooking Queenstown and The Remarkables.
My dream to skydive in New Zealand had finally come true!

Lake Tekapo

The color of the water in Lake Tekapo was so vibrant that for a few moment, I thought someone photoshopped it.
A flower field, a lake and me.
Me and my good old friend, the stars on a dreamy night at the Church of Good Shephard.

Lake Pukaki

A little stop at Lake Pukaki before heading to Mt Cook.

Mt Cook

The Hooker Valley track, a 3 hours trail that led me from the town to the heart of Mt Cook.
It started to snow as we approached the end of the trail. It was still beautiful nonetheless.


Had a blast at one of the whitest beach I have ever seen, the Aramoana Beach and was reunited for the last time with my good friends from the Routeburn Track, Ashley and Rachel.
Said goodbye to my friends from Routeburn and had some lone times at the Botanic garden.
I ended up spending my last few moments in Dunedin with Tulu (whom I had met at Lake Taupo) and Yvonne. Time well spent, with amazing travel people.
Scott, whom Tulu and Yvonne knew from hitchhiking showed us around Dunedin. This was the St Clair beach before sunset.
Last day of my trip in New Zealand. Felt a litter bitter as I was starting to get used to the norm here in New Zealand.
Me, Tulu and Yvonne drove to the Tunnel Beach as I tried to absorbed the most of New Zealand as I could before I departed.
5 weeks had come and gone. I can only hope these sweet memories will stay with me forever.


Do you enjoy this type of photography? Should I continue doing it for all my future trips? Feel free to let me know in the comments below or tweet me here: @peachananr

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Great pictures Pete, very nice :)

Been in NZ for almost 4 years myself and those are all my favourite places. Queenstown is where I wish I could have a house there. Thanks for capturing all the moments. They are amazingly beautiful! PS. you might like to try snowboarding on Mt Cook next time. Cheers!

This is absolutely amazing! The music for the video is perfect, sensual and deep. Thank you)

Absolutely beautiful!!!

Amaresh Ray

Pete, these are ridiculously good. I really want to go to NZ now! Can I ask how you took these shots?

Aneiz Ciwakoti

I have no words to describe.What was the total budget for your total visit to THIS beautiful country???

I have broken down all my budget here so feel free to check it out. :)

Ben Huss

Lovely pictures mate. Makes me so wanna go back!

Becky Ibbo

Amazing pictures!! I will be in NZ from January 2016- May 2016 on a holiday then to work, is the weather good at this time and we will start in Auckland and do a road trip, do you have any advice please? :-)

Michelle Hansen Brown

Love the pictures! :) Neat concept.

Richie Walker

Really? Almost as bad as the photos with dude's girlfriend. Get out of the picture, Pete!

Incredible and amazing! This is one of my future trips. And loved your pictures!! Did you carried a tripod all the time? Congrats man!

Totally awesome Pete! Would love to go around NZ the way you did :)

Kim Mezga

Love it! Brings my old memories back ;) Thank you for sharing!

Emma Hollows Boyden

Love a kiwi in aus and nz really is the most beautiful place can't wait to go bk in 71 days haha. Made me homesick

Sam Betts

Seeing this makes me miss living in the most beautiful place on this earth. Stunning photography and I love the idea behind the photos of being followed - brilliant!

Melanie Butz

I'm will be there in Juli/August for 5 weeks...on a solo trip...The pictures are amazing, can't wait for it :)

Cécile Mimiche

You had realise my dream. Thank you so much for sharing it with us ! <3

Emma Hollows Boyden

Every tourist misses off the catlins tho south of dunedin. Pure untouched majestic scenery everywhere.a must go to

Ani Deh

Amazing Pictures Pete! I spend the whole November at NZ and it was unbelievable! There are still some places on your pictures I not visited yet. For example we had to stop the Tongariro Crossing after 6 km cause of the bad wheater conditions. We couldn't see anything. Only fog :( Thank you for the inspiration! I definetly have to go back very soon! Greetings from Germany!

Betty Purdy

Thanks for sharing your beautiful trip with us. It was someplace I always wanted to see. Felt like I was there with you. Maybe in my next life. Thanks again.

Belinda de Salis

Made me sooo homesick for NZ.

Catriona Ward

What a fabulous way to record your exploration. I'm going to NZ in August and you have brought so many places to life I can't wait to go and see for mysel. I definitely think you should carry on

awesome Pete, i am just wondering what camera you used for those photos thanks

AMAZING.. I miss New Zealand so much. It is my most favourite place I have visited in the world. I can't wait to go back some day.

It's nice to know people appreciate our beautiful little country .......I love the photos.

Nicola Wisse

Superb photos and the video? Speechless with delight. I live in Australia now and have done so for about 30 years. You've done more exploring/adventuring/hiking than I've ever had the opportunity to do, you lucky man. What a way to celebrate your 26th birthday! Feeling fit I bet. Please keep doing these travel docos Pete -it's your forte! Many thanks.

Thanks for reminding us that beautiful travel

Deanna Soeldner

I just watched your video and looked through your photos. I love them all! I was in New Zealand for most of the month of March last year. These bring back precious memories of a wonderful trip! I love your idea of taking photos of your back as you looked at the scenery. So fun! I would love to do that on future trips.

You have showcased New Zealand perfectly. Good on you!

Dale Loudon

I live in NZ in Rotorua, i have also lived around the South Island so know the beauty of our country, but you have captured things I have never seen and it makes me want to travel my own home land again. Truly beautiful work!! Thank You

WOW! Your photos and the video are absolutely gorgeous! I live in Wellington, btw.

Tina White

Makes me want to go see my family

Beautiful video too.....well done.

Brit Cooling

You have done an incredible job capturing one of the most incredible countries on earth! Please do this for any future travel you do, the way you have captured New Zealand.. I know you will give justice to your future destinations!

Corrie Smans-hoevenaars

Breathtaking pictures.........

James McKernan

As a dude who spent two month travelling around NZ in 2014, this brought a tear to my eye. It is one of the most spectacular and wonderful countries in the world without question. The people, the culture, the landscapes, the experiences; all unbelievable. Almost 6 months since my journey began I can't believe what I've done and that I was actually there. It feels like a dream and in all honesty; I will not waste a second more than I have to in order to get back there again. It was the best and happiest time of my life and I can't thank the people that made it so special enough. I hope everyone reading this can make it there at least once in there life. And maybe I'll catch you there for a nice cold beer somewhere!

Dana Thomas

Excellent photos and video! I live in NZ and your work here has just reminded me how lucky I am to be here. Perhaps you need to freelance for tourism NZ! Well done.

Nance Hsu

Love your Kiwi land adventures Pete, Glad you were able to explore so many awesome places in NZ during ur visit. Now I'm getting all home sick again... thanks for sharing! :)

Romain Garberoglio

just amazing, i did the same trip and i cry when i'm watching your pictures.
Very nice ;)

Man, that makes me want to go back NOW! I loved my time there a couple years ago (even though I couldn't wait to finish the Tongariro Crossing, IN SUMMER! I thought it would never end ha ha) Keep making videos like this and keep up the great photography too! :D Hiking is my therapy! :D

Heidi G Marquez

Very nice

Peter Hughes

This is literally my dream for what I want out of life. how much did this trip cost, and how much organising did it take? :)

We were there in March 2014 and did like you, saw as much of the islands as we could, but in 2 weeks. New Zealand is one of the most amazing places I have ever been, I'm sure you can agree. Our favorite place was Kaikoura. We loved Queenstown and Milford sound as well. We did some diving up at Poor Knights which is north of Auckland. I am so glad I came across your page. You saw a lot more of the back country than we did and I really appreciate you sharing it with the world. It really makes me want to go back and experience "off the beaten path" more. Thank you!!

Absolutely beautiful! My best memories were meant in NZ and this encapsulates everything I love about that country! Thank you and well done!!

Jenny Locsin

I would like to follow your trail. The place looks spectacular! planning to take a trip there very soon!

Chris Swanlund

this is brilliant! i am currently traveling new zealand and this has given me all sorts of new inspiration. i hope you don't mind that i've shared it. really fantastic!

Emma Aiswarya

Tears in my eyes, beautiful memories.
There's this quote that I found once that I thought of while looking at you, your photos, the atmosphere they reflect and that I feel:
"Have you ever just looked at someone and thought 'I love you'? They are just talking, or humming, or watching a movie or reading a book, or laughing and there is something about them in that moment that makes you think 'I just really love you'."

That's how I felt about you. I just really love you just now. Thank you, Pete.

Colleen Linnell

definitely keep doing it. Fantastic concept.

Kathryn Enright

Thanks for sharing...nice to see NZ thru your eyes.

Utterly breath taking. I cannot wait until I visit New Zealand this year!!

Stacy Lam

Absolutely AMAZING! wonderfully captured and brought back so many memories of when I traveled NZ. I arrived there by myself but never had a moment alone after day 1.

A kiwi living in the States, you did my country proud. Beautiful ! Thanks!

Jeanne Engelbrecht

You've just shown me what I still have to look forward to!! Still so much of this beautiful country I have not yet seen

Donna Croule

Awesom xx

Derrick Jeremy

I have been NZ for 9 months but I never been Mt Cook due to bad winter weather. You should visit Cape Reinga - northern part of north island. It is amazing as well!

Mimi Vieth

Amazing pictures!!

Jill Stortenbeker

I absolutely loved it....yes please do more and more and more....awesome and very moving. Thankyou

KJ Nolasco

Makes me fall in love with New Zealand more!! Thank you so much Pete Rojwongsuriya for sharing to us your awesome experience! You're blessed!!

You missed so many goodies from the North Island :) The South Island is always everyone's favourite, so the north gets a bit neglected.

On October 10th, I undertook almost the exact same journey through New Zealand over three months time... but that was 17 years ago! It was great to re-live it through your photos! And, it didn't rain on my hike in Milford either!

we were so fortunate to be able to see this majestic, wondrous place last year. We had always heard how beautiful New Zealand far exceeded our expectations!! Your journey was amazing! Thank you for sharing!

Carmen Jones

Ahhhhh. I'm a kiwi living in the U.S. Makes me homesick! Fabulous pics!

Paul Martin

You did the country a great justice with your pics. coincidently I to was travelling the south island in October and its great to look back and see another great perspective. cheers

Awesome photography and videos. it made me relive my time there! I want to create a video of my time in New zealand.. if you don't mind me asking.. what software did u use.. or recommend? Really really awesome work mate

Nithin Kuriakose

Salute! You have such beautifully covered the true essence of NZ. I always check out photos from NZ when I get a chance and I must admit, these are some of the best. Once you have visited NZ, you start looking at the world from a different perspective. Good job, best wishes for future travels.

Hey Pete! Well done on the pictures first of all! You got me totally pumped for my 8 month trip to New Zealand! I was wondering if you don't mind telling me where you found that "one felid you rested for a wee bit" when I saw that picture I was blown away.

Mark Wesson

Brilliant, pity you could not cover the north of Auckland (Bay of Islands etc) ....

Very beautiful. Thanks for sharing this. It's my dream to visit NZ one day...

These are really great pictures and video! I've been in NZ twice, in 2004 and 2010. It's really a wonderful and beautiful place! I just love it!

Clayton Brameld

I'm so overdue to go back!
I actually cried watching the video. So many memories. Keep doing what you do Pete!

Michelle Nyhan

Amazing...thank you for sharing.

This video is one of my favorites. You did an excellent job capturing the true essence of New Zealand. :) Keep it up!

Anne-Marie Garon

I was on the same places almost at the same moments ! :)

Te Kuru Dewes

Nice work mate, what type of camera did you use?

You did a very good job of sharing your experiences with us, very nice.

Love your pics and video I went to nz twice once for a vacation and the second I spent two years living there with my family. Brings back memories and I can't wait to visit again soon. Awesome job by the way!!

Jamie Yong

Wow~ im truly amazed by all the photos and the video!! Especially @ the franz josef glacier ! Your pictures literally took my breath away! Hope to see more beautiful pictures =)

Incredible article, Pete. I also went to New Zealand on October of 2014, and your pictures made me go back to the incredible times I had there. Well done, man!

Would you mind to tell which camera / lenses you used to capture these amazing moments? Thanks heaps!

Elaine Whimsical

You are my inspiration

KJ Ashley

What a great trip you had, I liked the photo idea. I've just got back from a two week trip. I went solo, first time ever travelling in this way, I could only do day trips as I had a housesit responsibility but I made the most of it. I'm about to have my 53rd birthday, I was a v shy person three years ago for me this trip was the adventure of my lifetime (thus far) NZ is magical. I am in awe of it. Passionate about it. Thank you for sharing. I loved it.

You missed Rakiura/Stewart Island??

Thanks for these stunning pics .. we are planning a NZ trip later this year when my hubby retires and these have given us some idea of the places we would like to see for ourselves :)

amazing mate. you defiantly took out of the trip a lifetime worth of memories and experiences. keep it up!

Yao Yao Yao

Thanks for sharing

Kia Ora!! Loved your photos, thankyou!! Absolutely amazing!!

Susan Nesbitt Carroll

Fantastic photos. I was in NZ in November 2013 to join up with my son who had spent 6 mos. studying in Christchurch. We visited a lot of the same places and had the time of our lives. However, you did give us some ideas for our return trip! Thanks! :)

Paolo Dequiña

hi pete! im just curious, who takes your photos?

Virginia VJ Smith

I lived in New Zealand for 7 months so this meant a lot to me to come across. Your pictures and video really are beautiful and I love how you documented your journey. New Zealand will always be a part of me and I long for the day that I can return. You did a great job and thank you for making my evening.

Alexander Gölz

Great Photos! I am back from NZ since 4 days, we did almost the same route, just awesome!

Carolyn Handley

I live on the south island and still marvel every day at the scenery....

Been to NZ last year for only 1 week. Wish I could stay longer. My favorite among all is Lake Tekapo. Too bad I missed the milkyway. Btw if you have time, have a look at my blog about my trip there. Still learning about photography though. Have a great day ahead! Awesome work!!

Very well done, great photos and orsm video of a beautiful place...........

Shelby Pukach

Awesome footage. I studied at Otago last semester. Truly a beautiful county

Really enjoyed that......thank you

E-Wan Cheong


John Oliver

Great work, excellent presentation; you have captured an essence most visitors, or even residents, don't see.
You have seen parts of my homeland I haven't, and I don't live there anymore. You make me want to go back and rediscover my homeland.
A travel log the tourist industry can only prosper on.
It doesn't seem enough, but, well done.

Thanks Pete, that was the most enjoyable lunch break I have had in a while. I have been to all those places and you have captured the magic of NZ beautifully. This has inspired me to try something similar when I trek to Everest Base Camp this year. Do you mind giving me some tips on the equipment you used - I'm guessing you used a tripod and possibly a camera that takes movie and stills?

Caroline Bradley

Thank you, its just what I needed to see at this time to make up my mind, Im going home :)

Kaitlyn Teh

Thank so very much, Pete... for bringing back all the wonderful and awesome memories of New Zealand... It's truly amazing journey Pete.... If got chance I would like to go back there again... again.... and again.... for infinite time... especially seeing all the photos and videos.... I was there early Dec 2013... and always look forward to go there again... Thank you so much for bringing all these wonderful memories back to me.... Keep it up, Pete.... You are doing a wonderful and awesome sharing...

This is truly amazing. I wish I could go back and see more places. I only got to spent 10 days in the South Island and it was beautiful beyond words!

I am so glad to see you enjoyed New Zealand's natural beauty, taking time to walk it and embrace the ambient peace that shows in your photos. thanks for sharing. :-)

Kia ora This was fantastic. Keep doing what you're doing. you are a true man of nature. Love your work you should be advertising for travel agency. Makes me wonder why I left this country for another! Time to go back methinks. Thank you so much.

Osamah Anwer

I can't say anything, but simply awsome! Wow.

Elise Victoria Buttenshaw

Made me fall in love with my home again :). Made me proud to say I am a kiwi. Beautiful!. I have to admit you missed some of the best places! there are some amazing places in the North island, especially the top of the North island. Next time maybe :).

Jack Baker

It was awesome. Liked the fact you had your back to all the photos. NZ is the BEST

Beautiful pictures with breathtaking views! It must have been a great adventure as well. Keep it up!

Sara E. Moses

This is absolutely perfect and I love it. NZ is on my list of places to visit someday!

Angee Chuchuu

what camera did you use?

Devi da Lil'devil

who took ur pictures? amazing..

Jörg Fritz

Amazing picture, great work thanks...Now I'm ready to start, but I have to wait only 24 h

Sabine Raber

Amazing, thank you for sharing!

Hey there was very very and very nice place.. Look very natural.and u also give a nice pic of NZ.
Anway im interested and just startd to study abt NZ as bagpackers trip soon.
If possible need i get yr suggestion or maybe your absolute advice for my trip.

Nirmal Bishnoi

this is awesome :)

what a lovely journey so glad you enjoyed our beautiful country,

Wonderful! I just got back from New Zealand yesterday too! I have to return! Who wants to come?!

awesome!! love the skydiving part!!

Fern Siew

Wow awesome!

Lynn Fothergill

I just spent a week exploring perviously unseen parts of the North Island - and I have lived her for 50 years! Sophie Sjösten is right - the South is so beautiful that the beauty of the north is often overlooked. I fell in love with my country all over again. Thanks for the photos - makes me proud to be a Kiwi.

Christian Lais


Avi Prasad

Peter! Love it mate :D Im getting into my photography so if you dont mind me asking - what is your camera set up?

Angela Allan

Make much more of this!

Teresa Rettke

I really enjoyed it. We underestimate how beautiful New Zealand is. It was so nice to be reminded. Thank You. Keep doing it. I will follow. The video was really good so was the music. Loved the filming of your feet on different grounds ie, the sand, the snow, the walk bridge etc......very clever :)

Awesome thank you are showing our beautiful country!

Rochelle Ellis

These photos are absolutely stunning and make me miss my homeland so much!!! You have captured New Zealand perfectly!

Kerri Langford

Thank you, I'm going to NZ this year can't wait to see all this beauty for myself x

Ben Norman-Larter

Stunning shots & video!

Michal Gabay

Hi! Good morning from Israel! WOW! amazing photos! bring me back to my 3 months trip in NZ few years ago..
Best trip EVER!! Loved the skydive pics! I did mine in Taupo- Yours seems much preetied:P

Keep up the good work!


Jems Wise

Beautiful & it's a very meaningful photo journal of your trip!

Dinah Tomas

Amazing photos! I was there around the same time and even celebrated my 30th bday skydiving at Lake Wanaka too! Routeburn Track was just as amazing. New Zealand is magical. :)

Charlotte Taylor

Absolutely beautiful shots! And I should know, I'm a kiwi ;)

Teresa Lacsamana

It's awesome! Your photos are amazing...... Thanks for sharing and all the best on your future travel plans :)

David Lorier-May

Awesome photos mate. I'm glad you had a great time and those places you went to are definitely magic alright and I hope you can come back here again. Next time I suggest the Bay of Islands, Cape Reinga, Waipoua Forest and see the great Kauri tree Tane Mahuta. If you stay in Auckland for a bit go and check out the Waitakere Ranges for there are some nice bush walks through Temperate Rain Forest and then explore the nearby west coast beaches like Piha, Karekare, Bethells and Muriwai. Yes I have lived in NZ all my life and I never get tired visiting many of the places you went to.

Also check out the Catlins (south of Dunedin along Highway 92) I grew up down there and there are definitely awesome places to see like Nugget Point, Papatowai and Tautuku and there are some good bush walks there through the Catlins State Forest Park.

Emily Ruane

awesome photography! Next time you must drop into the Far North, such an equally beautiful place of Aotearoa :)

Great scenery, we are so lucky living in a beautiful country!

You nailed. Thank you

Mærius Remé RK

just amazing. well done mate! spend 9 month there nd loved it..

Sally Pickles

That looks beautiful. My auntie lives in Wanaka ❤️

Val Harvey

This makes me proud to be a New Zealander!! And your pictures endorse why we call our home Godzone (God's own) country!
Next time you come to NZ, I highly recommend the Cape Brett walk in the glorious Bay of Islands, among other walks the pass by our majestic Kauri groves

Andy Stevens

Awesome pics of an awesome place but why does the bloke keep getting in the way of the pics lol! Cool!

Peggy Joyce-Hoffner

So beautiful just like I remember it.

Alastair Malcolm

Fantastic. I'm a kiwi been here for quite a long time. You've got a gift . Live your dream. Really enjoyed yor pictures. Made me smile. Cheers Al

List of your gears for the photos and video, please!

Bevan Welsh

Pete you have done a wonderful job. New Zealand has so much contrast of scenery in a relatively small country. There is so much to see and so little time - even for those of us who live here!

Rupert Pfister

Wow, absolutely great Pics, but the Video is really perfect! What kind of Camera do you use for filming. And the music is perfect as well. Can you tell me the name of the music and the interpreter?
Please give us some more of this on your next journeys!!!

Muhaini Othman

i am in auckland.... really amazing country! i love your pics.... you should go on camping trips . so many beautiful secluded beaches in new zealand... i will sure miss here when i go back to my home country... north island have it own mystery... you wont be dissapointed.

Jacelyn Ching

Awesome video it brings back good memories ☺ I love NZ

I am so glad you enjoyed your stay in our beautiful country,All the places you have visited are truly Beautiful but was mortified to see that there were no pictures ...of the Bay of Islands or of the Coromandel all though I live in Wellington I was born and Married in Thames which is the start of the Coromandel..But to be fair you can't see every thing in such a short you will have to come back Pete. And Tour North of Auckland make your way back to the Coromandel which is only a hour and a half from Auckland Take care and safe travels.

Fantastic photography - keep it up! You can make a career out of your travel experiences - I shall look forward to the TV series & books that will surely come from someone so talented. Enjoy every moment of your life!

Jayne Le Couilliard

Fabulous please carry on

MaryAnne King

So love your beautiful photos brings back memories of my trips down south amazing country keep it up taking your backward it....

Samantha Baguley

Fantastic photos - reminded me how much I love New Zealand. Thank you!

Syan Hamzah

Amazing!! Tears in my eyes seeing ur pictures

This is really amazing!! Great photos and video!! I have been to many places in New Zealand and I wish I could take this kind of photo :)
I have a blog and I wrote a lot about New Zealand too:
I just travelled to Mt Cook and Lake Tekapo two weeks ago. The scenery is stunning and beautiful, but I didn't get to see a lot of stars (it was cloudy). I wish I could see such beautiful star view at the Church of Good Shephard one day :)

Karny Grewal

I live in new Zealand at the moment , been there from an year now. Thanks for showing me the places where i need to go :) LOved the video . Keep up the good work (Y) cheers

Estelle Maraya

impressive...thanks for sharing :-)

Sarah Furtado

Absolutely stunning photos, they stir the emotions :) Definitely visit the North, you wont regret it :)

This is so nice! Your pictures are beautiful :) it's very cool to see something like this especially since so often we take our country for granted. Hope you enjoyed your time here :)

Amazing photos, I would definitely have to agree the North Island is so beautiful as well . If ever you decide to go back let us know and we can organise people to show you the most amazing parts of the North Island

Felix Jawing

Hi awesome pictures by the way. Planning to go down south for 3 weeks myself. Actually I'm curious to know what camera settings did you use for most of the photos, such as the focal length and aperture used. Cheers

Rob Ball

Did you find your ankles getting cold considering you had you pants rolled up on a constant basis and didn't wear socks?

Love Aninon

Thank you for sharing, am so lucky that i live here

Tess Falwasser

My homeland Sad that I've never been to many of these places...Thanks for this. When I return to NZ I'm going exploring

Wow that was so cool to see new zealand at upclose like that and by the way nice photography view. (y)

Joao Carlos Arez

wow i was just there for 3 weeks n didnt do 1/10 of what u did
great photos n very artistic
keep on doing the same

Fannou Rx

Of course you should continue! These pictures just make me dream. Maybe I should go there too ^^

Kerttu Tiisler

Incredible! What's your camera and lense?

Jan Padron Pasilan

I have been here for 5 years and I haven't even done half of what you did in 5 weeks! Kudos to you! You inspired me to get to know more of my home now!

Claire Gallagher

I'm so blessed to be a Proud Kiwi! I've travelled a lot of the world but must say we have better in our own backyard. Your photos are amazing and yes... Next time venture down the East Cape is stunning and so are the people

Awesome pictures! What kind of camera do you use?!

As a Kiwi expat, you just made me homesick.

Bronwyn Dargaville

Hope you didn't have to wait too long for a ride back into Dunedin from Tairoa Head at the end of the video. I used to live just up the road from there. Love your photos and thanks for sharing.

Meadhbh Corrigan

Fantastic pictures, brings back great memories of my trip around New Zealand in 2007, you almost forget just how spectacular it is. What an amazing country, Il be back!!

Samantha Jane

I live in this country and yet I can't get a single photo like this. You make it seem so magical..... I guess living here ruins that magic... That, or I can't take a good photo. GREAT post

What camera do you use?

Bastian Glebke

I've been in New Zealand for my study abroad and I completely fell in love with that amazing Country ! Pretty funny that we took kind of the same Route to travel around nz. Have you been at the bay of Islands or in Kaikoura ? Well thank you very much for these awesome photos, bringing back all those outstanding and emotional memories beeing in New Zealand!

Andrew Patterson

As a Kiwi living in the Middle East your photos were a great reminder of why NZ will always be home. Your photography is beautiful too. Thank you for sharing.

Jana Garreis

Thank you for sharing, love it!!! ;)

Anudeep Reddy

Wow, truly breathtaking . I've been to Queenstown and Mt cook and Pete just proved there is lot more to cover. Thank you NZ for the amazing memories!! Pete you're a champion :)

Ivan Kalajdzic

Hey! glad you enjoyed NZ, just thought this song would go perfectly with your video (Minuit - Aoteroa)

Jeani Spuhle

What kind of camera did you take for all these amazing pictures?

Kirsty Halsted

That was amazing to watch! Makes me proud to be a kiwi and brings back so many memories of my kiwi experience bus trip I did last August! Amazing work! X

You rekindled some amazing memories for me, Thank You. I can't wait to go back.

Joseph Beckett

Nicely done mate. Well done & come back sometime!

Walk the Banks Peninsula track - you will love it

It is soo wonderful that you are able to do just that.Will be there next month.Keep doing the good work

Beautiful! Did New Zealand as well, such a wonderful country. :)

Jackie Fagg

We spent 3 months in NZ in 2006. It was the most wonderful holiday l l have ever had. I was 60 my partner was 73. Would love to go back. Thanks for the memories =, it is very good. Jackie

Ande Jumilla


Hey Pete, I am truly inspired by your travel stories and photography which was such a great coincidence considering I am planning one similar trip in 2015 myself. So I am wondering if you could help me out with the itinerary? I could use some helpful tips. Do let me know if you're willing to chip in, so maybe we could talk over email or something. Cheers!

Kuntonn Chin

This is so amazing. You inspired me and everyone!

Elaine Eve Grant

Go all the way up cape reinga next time!:-) amazing photos!:-) love love nz!:-)

Nanda Serra


Richard Hirst

Beautifully done! I got goosebumps ;-) glad you enjoyed my home country - I'm touring yours right now. Cheers bro!

Wow Pete. Simply amazing! Your style of depicting New Zealand with your back turned to the camera is a refreshing perspective - it added such a neat dimension to your photos! By the end of it, it felt like I'd been a companion on your journey, and you captured places that I too have visited with such beauty. I myself am a kiwi, and seeing my home country celebrated like this is an honour. Which camera did you use to create such flawless photos and videos? I hope you do manage to return here and explore the rest. Thank you for sharing your journey! :)

Cool vid and photo's! What kind of camera Did you use? 5d mark III

Great! Keep on do ing the se pics! !

Estel DN

I did almost the same route as you but I started on Nov 16th. It took me 5 weeks too. It was so amazing that it's difficult not to cry with your photos, I definitely will come back to NZ!!

Il Abd

Well done Pete, your photos make me wanna go back there again.

Brilliant, brilliant photos & videos. Such energy. My favourite is Huka Falls. Setting off for another trip soon - can't wait!

Beautiful photos thank you ( and I am from the North Island)

Awesome you guy
Thx to share your cool experience

Thank you for reliving my time in NZ. Your photos and video brought so many memories back I felt so moved by your experience. It is such a fantastic place and your right about the colour of the water, awesome!!

This is amazing! I think being from NZ we take our country for granted. I've just spent 8 months in Europe and this makes me regret not exploring my own country first! Amazing pictures and I can't wait to keep travelling!

Kezok Kezambo

Too beautiful and gorgeous! Great photography skilled and great composition. I love it so much. I'll will make sure, I have enough resources to go to NZ.!

Great pictures. Im going to New Zealand at the start of February. What camera did you use ?

absolutely agree with Sophie, most people admajor south island and forgot the upper one...some photos from our NZ trip and tips around you can check:

This looks epic man! Can I tag along the next time ...

How much did you spend?

You just made me want to head back

Christiane Mö

Amazing! :) Beautiful shots!

Christina C

Amazing photos! I wish I hiked more when I was there now. Sure brought back a lot of my own travel memories!!!

Sue Long

Thank you for showing so many beautiful places that I have never seen of my own country! I have lived in the USA since the early 70's and take many trips home, but your photo's are amazing! Thank you so much!

Did you use landscape mode to take those photos? Or what mode of the camera did you use?

Amazing photos. What software do you use to edit your photos?

Gay Gawron

I did enjoy this and yes you should keep doing this.

How much you spent in 5 weeks?

Kaye Katarink


May I know if you are using a GoPro to capture all these stunning photos and video?

Pat Lihou

Thank you for posting, brings back my memories of a six week journey.....a lot more rain on my trip though!

Hi Sir, Amazing Video you did. Wonder what camera did you use? it record the voice and image with great quality. Nice
wow really amazing trip... 5 week of travelling . nice!

Lorraine Frank

Great idea - you've inspired me! Need to give it a name... 'Life in front of you' or something funnier maybe!

I've done 4 'trips' now and am looking forward to a 6monther in a couple of years :)
North Island - vineyards and islands, Waiheke, the Coromandel, Tauranga, Gisbourne, Napier ... So much more for exploration time!

Eneida Stalin

Breathtakingly beautiful. You're using RX100? That little pocket cam? And were you using a steadycam of some sort to shoot the walkin/movement shots?

Nice post. New zealand is definitely a place for me to go back again.

Justin Soh

Your pictures are amazing! And yes, you should continue doing it! I will be back for more!

Really enjoyed this, brought back loads of memories from my time there...thank you :)

beautiful pics of a beautiful country.... thx for sharing :)

Sarah Johnston

Yip great style of photography I think :)

Audrey Guila

Take me with you..

Natalie Koh

This is amazing!! Keep doing what you do with the photography and videography! This just inspired me to go on my own journey to NZ! (: Thanks for sharing what you see with the world!

Hi may I know wat camera u using to snap this video and pic? Is a very nice movie dude

Fatin Syazwani Puteri Azman

What advice do you have for someone who wants to do this too? And how much did you pack?

I wondered how did you managed to handle to camera(s) so steadily. Could show your gears for all the amazing shoots? =)

Loved it but sooooo dissapointed you didn't show the far north

Wonderful, you saw lot of bits I missed, and the other way round, there is a lot more in the North Island. I would have loved to see more of Tongariro but a volcano was blowing up while I was there so sadly I couldn't. :( . Lake Tekapo is probably my favourite place on Earth (along with the Grand Canyon) One thing I kept thinking around NZ is 'Where is everyone?' and 'I'm glad they're not here.'

Of all the places in the world this is the one I wanted to See Thank you!!!!

Dimitri Pagot

This is amazing and...speechless in fact !
For a beginner traveler like I am it is so motivating !! New-Zealand is by far the most gorgeous country in the world for sure !
You did a really great job taking this pictures and what a breathtaking !
I think you have spent your time there very well and congratulations for your basejumping on your birthday ! Awesome man !
Just keep it up for your next trip !

Amazing pictures!! You looked like you had An amazing trip! It's on my list for sure!!

Amazing. Make me feel go back in time. I used to live in Nz, and for me it´s the most amazing place. Thanks

I enjoyed the change from the usual 'selfie' perspective. Wonderful set of photos

Bronwynn Croxford

Thanks so much for sharing your experience! I arrive in NZ next week for 2 months holiday so will definitely go to some of the places you went to and more on the north island! Keep on posting!

Zara Thõmpsn

Love your photos :) what kinda camera do you use?

Trina Hardy

Beautiful photos! I have been to New Zealand five times and am planning another trip this year. Like you I find the scenery so stunning in every way!

Shelley Goldie

You missed more amazing scenery in Te Tai Tokerau... Northland...

Tamarisk Wright

Beautıful.. Make me miss my beautiful homeland

Veerle de Vleeschauwer

Very nice pictures .. it brings me back to 2001 when we were traveling around New Zealand! Thanks for sharing...

Steffi Roe

Great pictures.

Ricardo Erosa

Holi shit dude... Your camera is pretty awesome, that place is just took from fairy tales, go New Zeland is my golddream, i'd like to be in touch with u Pete To know moré details about the travel 'cause is sure I'll go there soon. Thanks for share that wonderfull adventure. [email protected]

Daniel Stimpel

Hi Pete,
I really like the style you created your video and these great pics! Would you tell me which equipment you were using for your camera during your trip? Seems like you were never shaking with your hands during filming :) Or is it just the optical stabilisation system from your camera? And which filter is it that you put over your pictures and the video?

Nyne Diver

Looks like you missed the New Zealand under water world

Fathiyyah Ismail

Truly amaZing photos..... When u live here u take things for granted. Thanks for showing how beautiful new zealand is. North island is definately a must....come back in summer as north island is full of beautiful beaches.

Dave Barber

Wow these are great bro! Both the photos and video... Can I ask what sort of kit you used for the video and photos?

Netz Turetahi Kameta

Im a native to aotearoa and ur pics of my homeland are just beautiful..seeing ur amazing travels just makes me so homesick, im living in australia but cant wait to go home in 2017 to travel my ora for the amazing pics

Thank you so much for sharing your photos and the wonderful video at the end as well.
Please keep doing this type of photography for your future trips.

Karenina Colmenar Dignadice

We were there at the same time you were travelling around South Island. Perfect timing. Thanks for the spectacular photos!

Zara Thõmpsn

Top quality photos :) What camera are you using @Peterojwongsuriya

Cherie Barraclough

You will always have these beautiful scenes in your 'mind's eye'. I only went to the glorious Fiordland area over 8 days, did the Real Journeys overnight trip on Doubtful Sound in November 2014 and I can still experience the feelings I had and the natural beauty that surrounded me every Waking I have. I thoroughly loved your photos and they will I am sure inspire myself and others to do more trips to see some of what you saw and experienced. Safe travels. Tanks for the memories.

Well done mate :) I think you've captured the essence of our little spot in the world! Sure you didn't get the beautiful East Coast/coromandel bits or the far north but that's just for next time! If you thought Abel Tasman had good beaches just wait! Fantastic pics and video too, so thank you for sharing it all!!

Alana Shannon Byrne

Amazing pics you are making me homesick I'm living in Ireland now. NZ is amazing Kaikoura, Hokianga and Nugget Point for your next trip

This cinematography and photography is amazing bro! Was someone behind the camera and what camera are you using? Love this blog so much - great job! I'm Māori and I'm moving to London soon so if you ever find yourself in London; let me know!

I loved this... Well done you!

Maggie Bailey

Beautiful pics, reminded me of many places we went. We were lucky enough to spend two months there, October until December, mane two months five years ago, so have seen quite a bit of lovely Northstunning South. Loved Stewart Island and seeing kiwis at night on the beach. The forests are awesome.

Jonathan Swadling

Fantastic effort and for the time you had you managed to squeeze in a lot of the good bits of New Zealand - of course there is always more. I'd suggest a trip in February/March next time (weather is settled, water warm enough for swimming) if you can - I'm guessing these photos were taken in spring from the amount of snow. As people have said, so much more to do, both on and off the beaten track. Black water rafting at Waitomo Caves, whales and seals at Kaikoura, the wild beauty of the Caitlins, the boating, swimming, diving or anything to do with water at the breathtaking Bay of Islands, the insane fun of the huge sand dunes of Ninety Mile Beach...hope you enjoy the next trip as well.

Love it mate. Something a little bit different and looks like you had an awesome time, so definitely keep it up. I just did a small part of the southern South Island over the past 3 weeks. I saw the piece of ice berg at the Tasman Lake (end of Hooker Valley walk) on Christmas day, it's still there, though it's rather small now.

Wow! The pictures and the little video at the end were fabulous and what a great idea. Keep doing it! I am a Kiwi born and bred and it is just so great to see how others perceive our wonderful country. New Zealanders are so fortunate to live in such an amazing place. Not only do we have amazing scenery, but it is a relatively peaceful place and people are generally friendly and respect each other a majority of the time. No major horrible creatures like Australia has, no civil unrest, no guns, a steady growing economy and a stable, consistent government. What more could you ask for? proud to be a Kiwi in Kiwiland. Great job with the photos - outstanding!

Oh yes do this again! It will inspire so many people. Perhaps do a coffee table book. Some great pictures, how do you decide which ones to pick.. If you come again, you will have the same problem if you travel further. Worth the petrol though! xx

Rosemary C HL

Definitely continue !

Missy Milton

awesome video and photos my country is amazing makes me so proud 2 be a kiwi

Turid Aarvik Ralph

Beautiful photos from a beautiful country. My favourite is definitely Wai-o-Tapu - amazing place, and lake Tekapo of course. But you missed Dansey's pass! ........keep the pictures coming, I would say!

Wow! I am so so inspired seeing this, your unique idea backed by your stunning photography and creative blogging is just perfect!! Massive congratulations and good luck for your future adventures! I'll be following!

Annie Liza Muhd

Wow, amazing and creative way of capturing and immortalize your trip. Thank you for sharing!

Fantastic photography - loved the way it was presented. Looking forward to more posts :-)

I had been to NZ in 1985 and saw it from top to bottom! I have gone back a few times since and if I could I would live there. Do go backand do the Northlannd!

Natalia Pink

Your photos are so beautiful! You've seen more of NZ than I have and I'm a kiwi - inspired to get down to the South Island now - thank you!

Great photos! What do you do for a living? I always wonder when I see people travelling.

Tim Layt

Brilliant photos. The best thing about living in NZ (apart from the places you've pictured) is how damn proud the Kiwis are of their country. Everybody has a 'better place that you just must see' for every occasion. I love living here, don't miss the UK much at all

สวยมากเลยครับ ขนาดอยู่นิวซีแลนด์หลายปีผมยังไม่ได้ทำไปครึ่งนึงในนี้เลย กลับมารอบนี้ต้องค่อยๆจัด ตอนมาเที่ยวคือช่วงใหนครับ ดูอากาศดีแทบทุกรูปเลย

How did u travel all these places?

Janis Lim

You take really beautiful pictures and reignited my desire to go back to NZ; this round a little longer with the nature. The mountains and the lakes!

Yeoh Tsienlee

I went to a lot of places u mentioned too! In October 2014

Tina Louise Berrill


Beautiful photos and video. You put most of us Kiwis to shame. So easy for us to take for granted what we have at our own backdoor. Glad you enjoyed the stay!

Charmaine Marais

Thanks for sharing your journey. Amazing images.

Ophelia-Junie Chepl

Please continue these beautiful shots!

Steve DA

I plan to move to NZ this July for studying and hopefully for living after my study finishes. Your pics are amazing that catalyze my dream to go to NZ. I cannot wait. Thank you so much for your great pics.

Sharon Chew

fantastic, breathtaking pics and video! love them.

I 'm really like to do like this! but I sometime don't have enough time. I wanna joy the trip like this if it will possible , I wanna go ^^ Can i ask you some question Umm Are you Thai people ?

Apoorva Mahajan....check this....out of the world...

You lived a dream of mine man, i hope to follow you, thanks for the recharging moments

Cyd Dunning

Beautiful pictures of New Zealand. One of my most favorite countries I have visited (3 times and hope to return). If you go back to the North Island, be sure to visit Coromandel area and the hot water beach. And don't forget the glow worm caves near Hamilton. Both Islands are spectacular!!!

Janie Malkin

I enjoyed it very much but I think you got some of the photos mixed up. Keep up the good work!

Thats awesome!!! I love NZ, you should show a bit of the north shore.. bay of island. simply beautiful!!

Maureen Mitchell

Wonderful photos which will stay with you forever. New Zealand is so very beautiful and yes, the best of the scenery is in the South Island. North Island has lots to offer too. We are still pinching ourselves that we have been allowed to come and join our family and live here.

Meena Lal

I love viewing posts like this with photos. You needed to see so much more of the North Island - may be next time?

realky nuce sharing.wilk take this as my guide to travel there this yr

James P O'Shea III

Great photographs. I would note that at Franz Josef Glacier, the location of the "where I was standing" image would have been under ice just 12 years ago. I photographed that approach in 2002, and the ice extended to the narrow point of that valley just below the center of your 'As I approached...' image. Startling.

Simon Ng

Just wondering what Camera and Lens you used? Amazing pics

Toh Mei Ching

Great write up, photos and most of all the video!!! Make me miss new Zealand so much! Hope to visit NZ again for the places that I have missed visiting!

Fantastic photographs! Can I ask what camera you were using?

On your next visit you must visit Waiheke Island, the Bay of Islands, Cathedral Cove (as well as sting ray bay and surrounding beaches), Rarawa Beach, Tutukaka, Mt Cook & Mackenzie, Akaroa & Banks Peninsula...I could go on forever. Basically you must come back!

This was amazing! Id love to take photos like this with my son. What kind of camera did you use and editor for video.

Siti Rahmah Salleh Salleh

Wow Amazing pictures.
Everything seem perfect

Joanne Kalchik

Thank you so much for showing off my beautiful country. I am very fortunate to have travelled to many of the places that you photographed and stayed at many DOC huts along the trails, even on Stewart Island (a place you'll have to visit next time). As an ex-pat, now living in the United States, it was lovely to see so may beautiful scenes of my homeland. Once a Kiwi, always a Kiwi. I hope you go far with your awesome cinematography & photography skills. "Cheers! Nice one Bro!"

Noor Aini Abd Ghani

Amazing photos n write up. Did u not visit sheep n cows farm.

Tim Maxwell

Beautiful pictures and a very strong video! We are in New Zealand at the moment and will stay here until March. The video was very inspiring - I think we should do one, too. The country is truly amazing and has many shapes. We love it here! Keep up your great work - would be cool to see more pictures and videos in the future! If you want you can check out our blog - most of the posts are in german, but the pictures speak for themselves.

Very nice photos. May I know what camera you use?

Mel Jackson

Did you feel 5 weeks was enough to see what you wanted to see? I'm planning to go later on in the year, but i am not sure how long i will need to really explore both islands.

Hi Pete, beautiful photos and scenery! How do you take those pictures esp those from far away on top of mountain?

Mary Teoh

Hi, Any tips for me how to plan a trip in New Zealand? I have no idea where to start.. Currently I'm at Auckland..

Wow, beautiful photos, brings back memories ... (1994), I too loved the landscapes very much n food too...will bring my wife on next trip to enjoy the great outdoors...

Barbara Gandar

My son went to franz josef to work as a mountain guide 20 yrs ago from uk, he now has a house 2 acres and in between the beach and mountains, best move he ever made, your photos are a true insight to nz.

Ryan Sim

Well done dude the footage was amazing. Milford sound Is my favorite part of New Zealand and even when it is raining it is truly breath taking there are only three permanent waterfalls but when it rains there are thousands. I have lived in Motueka all my life and like others have said there is a lot more to see. Although to see all of New Zealand you would need to live here as it would take a lifetime to see it all. The top of the south island has so much more to offer. Growing up in Motueka having access to three national parks ( kahurangi, Able Tasman and Nelson lakes) I consider myself pretty lucky. My second favorite place is the Cobb valley
from which you can take some amazing walks like lake Sylvester
and lake peel to name a few
There is also harwoods hole

which is on top of the Takaka hill in an area called Canaan downs which was one of the film locations for The Lord of the Rings. Over in golden bay you have places like Farewell Spit
and Pupu Springs
which has the second clearest water in the world. The clearest water in the world is found in The Nelson Lakes national park it's name is Blue lake
visibility underwater is 80 which is the same as distilled water. There are other places like Mt Arthur
This is just a small taste of what the top of the south island has to offer and just a fraction of what New Zealand has to offer. My best advice would be to talk to the locals to find out where the hidden spots are that most tourist guides won't know about.
Needless to say that I am proud to be kiwi. I hope you make back here to see the rest Pete.

Glenys Tideman

This is my homeland, which I've travelled all over. But I really enjoyed the journey you've catalogued. Great photos, and I'm glad you enjoyed NZ. Kia Ora

lets not forget mount ruhapehu in the centre of the north island,lake taupo and the huka fall, and south island's beautiful lake te anau and the hommer tunnel !
thank you for the tour of beautiful New Zealand!

Thankyou,makes me want to go back again...2weeks not enough!!!Love Lake got great weather & so saw the incredible starry skies & the lake as brilliant blue & colouful lupin

Lindsey Coleman

Great pictures of the paradise we love to call home, Thankyou for visiting our beautiful country

Bill Rosli

next time do Coromandel, Bay of Islands, Piha, Muriwai. great photos btw

Katie Liz

This was simply beautiful. Thank you for capturing some of the magestic treasures that make up my country x

Your photos are amaaaaazing!! I actually visited all the same places a few weeks before you went! So blessed to live in such a beautiful country. And i loved your reasoning about taking the back shots, I totally agree with you.

Chee Hui Lim

Great photography! Love the concept. You should continue doing this style for your future blogs. It's simple but it has a totally different approach to looking at the photographs. By the way, how did you take the photos of the skydive? Pretty cool!

Wonderful places, nice pictures. It’s a pity there’s always a man in the center of each picture. Next time, before taking the picture, better if you wait until that man move away.

Amazing photos , they make me feel like going back NZ again and i totally agree with you that their landscape are ridiculously beautiful! Good job !

Desiree Kirkham

Please keep sharing, such beautiful pics and the video was so lovely to watch. Thanks for sharing Pete :)

Wow this is so freaking amazing, well done. I love how you captured & created this. It was a pleasure to watch. Keep going. Maybe even create a book too.

Anuya Chakravarthi

I think I cried a little after seeing all these images. You are very lucky to have experienced all of New Zealand's spectacular scenery Pete! Fantastic pictures. It was a great read. From one New Zealand fan to another:)

Jo Weir

Wow stunning photos. I'm a kiwi - living in Thailand

Susie Betz

Yes. Keep this up. So enjoyed your photos. Sophie is so right about the North island too. It is also beautiful. It's what I like about NZ. It has so many beautiful and varied sites.

Amazing views all the way thanks for sharing

Loved it been twice still love the north island .

Amazing photos man, I spent some time in NZ and unfortunately I couldn't be in those stunning places. You made me desire more go back to NZ! Awesome job man!

Jindaporn Soontarasangworn

Oh You're Thai, aren't you?
I've traveled North&South Islands for 6 months in 2010 and this is so nostalgic! Nice shooting.
My NZ friends brought me here, anyway.

Too beautiful! Am planning some sorts of similar trip in Europe! Btw, haha, what camera? Did you self-capture with a tripod or? Am really into your photographs!

Inspiring stuff! Thanks for that! Been to Ben Lomond in the spring of 2012. It was amazing indeed. So many places I'd want to visit too. Cheers!

Vi Tran

amazing photos! I was wondering if you could share your itinerary and travel tips? I'm sorry if you've already did before...but 467 comments is a lot to go through...

Hi Pete, great photos and video. Brought back so many happy memories for us. My wife and I were there for the 2011 rugby World Cup and had the holiday of a lifetime.

Zygène de la Filipandule

As some people stated here, the East Coast is also quite great on the North Island :-) I went to Auckland for 6 months, studying at the university there. Your photos really took me back, because of the similarities of the setting ^^. It's been a while since I felt such a pang of nostalgia coming over me, but it is in a good way. Anyway, way to go, your pictures and light are fabulous ! Keep it up ! :-) Caroline

Priyangi Mehta

Pete - how do u manage to travel soo much? and how much do u end up spending ? Bcoz for Indian travelers, we have to show a minimum of NZD 1000 per week, till the time we stay. I hv been contemplating gng to NZ since EONS now, but I need to save that kinda money first. How do u do it. I'd really like to know


I want to go there man.. such an amazing place! ^_^

Andi Aubermann

Great pictures Pete! Could you tell me in which season (specific months) you were there and how long did your route take?
Thanks for answering :)

What a wonderful record and beautiful photography. I am so glad to be a New Zealander.

Paula Rojas

You absolutely should continue doing this.. these photographs are very powerful and poetic... really Inspiring! Good luck :)

Sheryl Ann Davies

What fantastic photo's and an amazing video you have shared about my country. Proud kiwi here. Yes yes yes continue.

Skai Bradley

Wow! I absolutely love this! We're so lucky :)

Bosco Amos Kimani

Amazing work! Defo do it again. Gives a great account of your journey man!

Love the pictures, even though I was born in NZ I haven't been to the South Island and haven't been back to NZ for many years. Homesick now... time to head home.

Beautiful photos! :)

Jose Ramirez

Nice job Pete, amazing photos and write up. I am currently planning a trip to NZ in Feb for about 8 weeks. Im really curious about your packing list. What you needed/didn't need? Thanks for the inspiration and keep up the great work. I look forward to your future posts for inspiration and information.

Alison Knight

Beautiful! But that rock I'm sure was covered by glacier when I was there in 2007.... really is shocking!

Morag Scorgie


Krista Rachel Jensen

you have to do the east coast next time and go to waitomo caves near hamilton and got to hobbiton in matamata :)

Loved the whole pictorial...well done. The "back aspect" is superb too. Keep it up!

Hey Pete ! All look very interesting! Im planning to go there in June for probably two weeks. May i know how much money you spent there ? Roughly. Hope to hear from you soon!

Hey Pete ! All look very interesting! Im planning to go there in June for probably two weeks. May i know how much money you spent there ? Roughly. Hope to hear from you soon!

NZ Tourism should pay you for this. What a great advertisement for the country I live in.

Angela Clarke Heenan

You definitely should keep doing captured NZ brilliantly..loved it. I am a CHCH girl now living in Aus and I can say after watching your clips I am homesick!

Hey Pete ! All look very interesting! Im planning to go there in June for probably two weeks. May i know how much money you spent there ? Roughly. Hope to hear from you soon!

Nina Nicole

Lake tekapo is my absolute favorite spot in the world!

Jhebb Bonao


Mitch Lin

What camera do you use? Lovely pictures. I just came back from South Island a month ago, and now I'm reminiscing those moments. I'd definitely want to retire there!

Trish Symes

Thank you for these wonderful photos and video.... as a New Zealander of 4 generations. I congratulate you on your eye for detail. As a family we are well travelled and we have always encouraged our children to do the same. "Go away and travel' We say broaden yourself, met other people. It usually results in them living for years on the other side of the world working and traveling. They come back, I believe much wiser and ready to appreciate their own country. I hope that you get to travel to many more countries and I would love to see more of your amazing photography

Marion Reid

I enjoyed this, thank you. I live in Christchurch, you missed out on Governers Bay, Little River,Akaroa. I have sent it to all the ppl I know in Uk. NZ, My slice of heaven. The whole world in one small country!

Lynn Dorothy

Fills me with pride to see someone put so much thought into showing our country at it's very best.

Nic Squire

Great stuff! I love how the backpack was incorporated in most of the shots, I would suggest make sure it is in all of them... it really adds to the traveller wanderlust these. Well done. Real glad you enjoyed my country!

Joan Cornwall

My son has recently moved to NZ and I can see from your pics just why he loves it there.... Like Scotland on steroids.

Elissa Albany

Beautiful! I did similar to this last New Years! You just brought my whole holiday back to me so thank you (and I agree....the Routeburn is by far simply favourite hike to date out of all the hikes Ive done!!). Very much agree with Sophie...North of Aucks is stunnin. Bay Of Islands, Cathedral Cove, Rangiputa, Cape Rienga etc. Hope you get to come back and experience that too!!!

Lucy Prebble

So cool! Thanks for sharing!

Jinny Tiow

GORGEOUS!!!! Hope to go there soon one day!!! <3

Carol Brunello

Wonderful but do please do the north and give Coromandel a good bit of your time!

Hajirah Junaid

Amazing pictures!!! Most importantly, how much did the entire trip cost?? Because cost is the most crucial element for travelling and if you have that covered then you can do anything. So any idea about the cost of the entire trip?

Erica Iggo

Fantastic way to share and to remind us how beautiful and diverse New Zealand is.. I hope you enjoy many pieces of my home country.. It's been a great reminder after travelling so many other countries in the world..

Dee Rennie

Fantastic pic's and comments, and you captured the SI perfectly. I think you should definitely keep doing what you doing and look forward to more of your work

Maureen Pilgrim

Amazing pics and video. Keep at it.

I personally love Cook's Cove of Tolaga ^^

Annabel Setefano

This really made me miss home, beautiful photos there.

Avant Yoong

wonderful !!! You are an inspiration =) thank you for sharing this fascinating photograph !

Terrific pictures and video. Had a chance to visit New Zealand and definitely want to go back!! Thanks for posting Pete!

Keith Shutler

Having never visited New Zealand I love seeing what other people take from their travels, what you have shown here is outrageously beautiful and fantastic. Thanks for sharing your joy at traveling New Zealand

Tanwir Osman Ahsan

What camera did you use? Was it a dslr ?

Xin Ying

What camera are you using? (:

Vivien Harrow

I'm an ex/pat and I think you did an amazing job. Thanks for the memories. Ps from Canada.

Nat Stoner

Homesick now!!

Nhung Vo

Amazing pics....Follow u make me love NZL more.

Yvonne Lowe

Yes please continue, you have done NZ proud by capturing beautiful scenery. An inspiration. Well done. You will have to do Hot Water Beach in the North Island, that is a lovely experience

Cameron Ward

Awesome photos, makes me homesick over here in cold London!!!

What an amazing trip you have had , the way you done the photos instead of looking at the person I felt i was atually there experienceing your adventure with you ,well done

you just got to get to Waihi Beach - hidden jewel and on the cusp of both the Bay of Plenty and the Coromandel

Absolutely stunning. I was completely blown away! Thanks for this!

Elaine Buck

Absolutely breathtakingly a Kiwi living in Australia, I appreciate my my birth country so much more. What a beautiful way to film.....loved it. Like others said NZ's north also has spectacular unique's an amazingly gorgeous paradise.

Very inspiring! Who help you to take all the photos?

These pics are incredible! Although i was just wandering how you make your photos look so vibrant? do you do it in camera or post production? And i'm also loving the bag, and wanted to know what is it?

Brian Pukemiro

wonderful pics, sophie, you are right but north and south islands are 2 different world. both beautiful in their own right.

you missed the awesome west Auckland !

Scott Moyse

Damn you missed out on the best beaches in the country up in Northland. :-( Great set of shots though. I'd love to do what you did. I still have so much of this country to see.

Liz Rowe Roberts

Wonderful pictures.... We are going for a month in FEb and now I can hardly wait !

ridiculously amazing....thanks for sharing the world-well part of it with us, through your eyes...enjoyed it very much!

Yeah do it! It's really a great way & it's so awesome to see all the nature! :)

Sarah Gilchrist

I've done a fair bit of traveling around the world and met so many lovely and fascinating people along my trails. I'm totally impressed with your photography and want to say thank you very much. I've been to many of those places in NZ. Although your interpretation was from a tourist point of view, you make me feel proud to be a Kiwi. Please do come back and see some of the North Island for some more of that what I call almost Old Disney movie techni-colour blue water. I can't wait to see your next load of travel pictures.

Wow, simply amazing!! Thanks man, it makes me restless for my own next NZ trip, can't wait to experience it as well.

Carol Wilson

Thank you it was a beautiful way to see NZ without going there. Enjoy your future travels.

Adline Edwina Joseph

Really inspiring!!!

It all looks amazing thank you so much for sharing

Gorgeous photography! Thanks for compiling this!

Tina Nirmal

NZ is still the most amazing place I've been to... I can't wait to go back!

BeautifuL. Yes keep sharing

Wow amazing pictures Pete! I went to NZ / Queenstown / Milford Sound once but your pics make me want to do it again and explore even more!! Just curious - how did you take all the pictures with you in the foreground facing front? A tripod on timer, deep depth of field?

Just magical! I shall much look forward to seeing some of those wonderful sights. Yes, should love to see more of your adventures. Thank you.

beautiful scenery.Lucky guy

your photos are simply amaaazing! may i know what modes on your camera you used?

Carl Bradbury

Great set of photos! I travelled NZ in 2014 and i relived my trip whilst looking at your pics! Thanks for sharing!

Cindy Tam

Thanks for sharing those beautiful pictures~ Makes me wana go to New Zealand badly.. Love the pictures! And YES!!!! you should continue doing it for all your future trips and share it to everyone to see the beautiful world~ :D

Mike Tasker

Awesome bro. Thanks for coming, enjoying and sharing some gems from our special little country :)

I myself wants to travel the world. I have seen few places. This is added to my bucket list. Your pictures are so amazing. Thanks.

Dionte Ross

This is absolutely extraordinary. Thank you for sharing your journey with the rest of us, the pics are breathtaking.

This is amazing. I need go explore my own country.

Kathy Young

Nice job. Next time north of Auckland.

You missed the best part of N

My cousin who lives in Peru sent this to me , you certainly did us proud , have you sent this to any people working in the tourist industry

Richard Foubister

We left NZ 2 years ago and it was lovely to see it through your eyes! We miss it and you captured so much beauty. Well done!

Really enjoyed going on that trip with was all so beautiful..made me feel I was really there...mind you I did live in NZ for about ten years in the eighties with my husband, son and daughter plus our golden retriever we brought whilst there..but got homesick for England and family...but wish we were there right now...

It's 11 years since hubby and I did a 7 week round the world trip to NZ. as a retirement holiday and to see our daughter who worked/lived in NZ for 2.1/2 years Recognise all the places here as if it was yesterday. We did 3 weeks each North and then South Island. North is more greener and calmer, whereas the South Island is more craggy and perhaps for some more exciting, including the ski/snowboard slopes. We enjoyed both for the different experiences they gave us. we have 4 x A4 wide-backed folders full to the brim with photos/postcards/leaflets etc. All is as fresh today as it was 11 years ago. Brilliant.

Hi Pete. Im a NZer living in London and have been here 15 years. I feel slightly ashamed that you have seen so much more of my own country that is so beautiful than i have. Thank you for awakening me and now wanting to take my family back to NZ. You take things for granted and dont realise what you have until it is gone. Well done Pete. I congratulate you.

Jude Maloney

Just loved it! Please share some more of your travels! Good luck!

Dawn Booth

Fabulous! Feeling homesick for NZ and your photos made me feel connected again. Love them.

What breathing photography of New Zeland. What a spectacular country. I will visit it if only in my Dreams:-)

David Liddell

I was there Dec 18th to Feb 28th 2014 took 2500 photos but loved yours, you showed me many places I had missed, can't wait to return

Your photos are very good. And your videos. Very considerate of the viewer. I wish you well on your journeys and I have a hunch you'll become a movie person

Peggy Taylor

Www hat an enjoyable trip and I never left my home.!!

Alec Letcher

Amazing pictures! You really took me on a trip right there, I will definitely go to NZ soon... By the way, did you have a tripod or how did you get these pictures when you were alone? And how did you take those pictures where you were quite far off, even with a tripod? Thanks!

I have yet to sample the South Island but I will get round to it when I retire out there in a few years. I stay in the bay of plenty but been to mosy of the north island in my 5 visits so far. Off again in 3 weeks for 35 days. Can't wait best country in the world.

Thank you so much for your stunning photos. We visited last February but only 3 weeks so a whistle stop tour. Must go back.

Halley Boatman Sanchez

I love the concept of following...these are great pictures. Your shots of the night sky are incredible. So many beautiful places!

Beautiful photos of our beautiful land. 53 years old and you have seen more than I have, and now it's my turn ... Thank you

If you dont mind me asking, what type of video and camera did you use please?
Outstanding photos and video

Pauline Donaldson

Thank you for a visually thrilling journey. I love the ' following you' concept. We do live in an amazingly beautiful country full of contrasts. Do return and fill the gaps Both coasts of the North Island and the beautiful Whanganui River. Do include Wellington as well - go out on the harbour.

Brill photo's you could have travelled more on the north island we have been to matamata the area is lovely

Beautiful pics, brought back good memories. good for you. Cheers.

Andriani Cendra

Amazing views and totally great idea to do such photograph..inspiring :) i might do it one day :D

Simmon Wagner

Spectacular photos and experiences. I was born on the East Coast of New Zealand and grew up In the Coromandel. I presently live in Melbourne, Australia. I am in the middle of planning the move back home to the Coromandel. After enjoying your photos, I cannot wait. Thank you for such beautiful inspiration.

Ken Hampton

Excellent footage, fantastic work. Puts it in a much better perspective with someone in the photos.

Mike Francis

thanks for a great blog, we quite living here although your blog has reminded me to get back down to some of these places. Great blog

I love New Zealand! All good memory. You have done a good job. Thanks for sharing.

Debbie Kelly

Yes don't ever stop it's amazing and definitely made me want to visit NZ

Emil Le Britton

That was amazing, great pictures, video and music. Keep filming, make it a career, make it your life! :-)

This is so wonderful to see. I fell in love with NZ years ago when I went for a holiday. A few years later my partner and I emigrated there and I was there for 5 years , sadly, when normal life kicks in and a lack of money we missed seeing so much beauty. We are back in the UK now as I missed my family so much but part of me is still in NEW ZEALAND. maybe I will go for another holiday sometime and see the rest that I missed.

Rose Faracli

Absolutely breathtaking ........

Thankyou so much for sharing your amazing photos, I would love to go, but don't travel well, so don't think I will ever get there. It was great to follow your journey. I'd love to see any other trips you may go on. Thanks again.

Andrew Kipa

Totally cool keep snapping away and do what u enjoy. Gonna send st Kildare beach shot to my mum she was born and bread in that area and to her that the best beach in nz for sure!!!!

A wonderful country photographed beautifully and a great idea for those of us who would love to see the country but may not be able to do so.

i think NZ is the most beautiful country on this planet .the colours have to be seen to be believed .hope one day to return but grateful for 2 trips there if i never get back for another visit

Jeannine Bradley

Mind sharing how you edited your photos? I love the style, would love a tutorial!

This is awesome - well done

Stunning photos! Thank you for sharing them. Best of luck with your next adventure, hopefully you can share those captured memories as well.

Isabella McCulloch

No Wellington photos! It's the sassiest capital in the whole world!

Melanie Beth

This is awesome. Great Job!

Azura Jumari

Amazing & superb pictures capturing the mesmerizing views.. good job the more reasons for me to go for a trip in New Zealand..

Very beautiful pictures. Tqvm..i love it

Katikati in The Bay of Plenty was brill all those painting and statues and oldie worldie shops .

Erma Erveena Effendie

Zett Ar

Hey this is AWESOME!!!
Random question, how much was it and did you rent a car, or backpacked or?

Thank you for sharing such a fabulously documented journey of NZ... my husband is a Kiwi & I have not yet visited the land of the long white cloud, but plans are finally forthcoming this Christmas-- made me cry to think that he left a place so beautiful! Cheers

Susan Smith

I went to NZ over 9 years ago, the plane ticket was a gift for my 21st and your pictures have just taken me right back so thank you!!! It was the trip of a lifetime and me and my husband (who was my new boyfriend back then) dream of going back to these places, it might be a while before we get back but it's nice to see the places we went through new photo's, I'm sure you'll be reminiscing in 10 years just like we have :D x

So beautiful pictures

Andrea Hill

We're heading to nelson soon so looking at your photos has given us plenty of great ideas thank you

Alice Rummer

Hey Pete I'm so glad you had such a great time in NZ. You had such luck with the weather! Amazing photos, great video...makes me fair homesick! Thank you so much for sharing!

Angie Van Pearly

wow! beautiful pictures, thanks for sharing it with us... next time please visit wanganui, my daughter is there with her family, such a beautiful town... im going in December to visit new zealand again... cant get enough of that land... it will be my 5th time there...

Beth Marsden

Absolutely love this! From NZ myself and have never had the time to get down the south and see everything it has to offer! I trip north to south is on the busket list and will be doing some of your hikes thats for sure!

Andrew Mc Callum

A amazing photographic journey of New Zealand , obviously you couldn't get all of the island but what u did get was breath taking , well done

Julia Mycock

Wow wow wow...NZ is on my list

hi, i am hoping to do New Zealand in a couple of years to celebrate my 60th, so seeing your amazing pictures has def made up my mind for me!, its just knowing where to start, thank you

All my family live in n Zealand North and South best place

Hey Pete! Amazing footage! How much did the NZ trip total for in cost? I live in Auckland and am keen to try the south island when I finish work!

Great photos mate, and awesome video! I will share :) Makes me wanna go back home :'( Good work ;)

Did the South Island in 2007 then North and South in 2008. Loved it! It is so like my beautiful native Scotland but on a much

Sorry! On a much grander scale.Thank you for the memories.

thank you for sharing such a fabulous journey.

Karin Nijenhuis

Very nice,and well done. I have been to many of these places,my only regret is that I didn't do it when I was much younger.Would have loved to do some of those hikes. But you also have me convinced to go back some time.

Susie Walsh

You did so much in such a short time. I visited both Islands 3yrs

Wow amazing pics....its been my dream to travel there and this pics n blog motivates even more...!!!

U r my inspiration. I have been planning to go travelling in NZ but have always been worried about the fact that i cant drive, u have shown me that travelling by foot is an awesome way to do it!! Thank u for giving me the confidence to do this.... :)

Shannon Nelson

Awesome pics, thanks for sharing. Don't forget to throw Mount Maunganui on that list when you return too.

It is the best and the mountains sure are great on a clear day

Esther Eugen Dupu

Oh man! You missed Oamaru! Such an awesome wee place.

Thank you so much for making our country look so amazing
From a very proud KIWI

Hayley Muirhead

Looks an amazing place, thank you for sharing your travels

Absolutely loved the fact something made me stop by this morning your site, allowing my heart strings to sore as I caught glimpses of my homeland! A Kiwi Korus Whispers living and being in her now for the last twenty-seven years overseas. Thank you for showing New Zealand to me in a manner that I found enticing, uplifting and very realistic. It allowed me to be within the moment you where through your "back shots", which is for me exactly "being within the present". NOWmaste! Not showing where you came from or who you are but where you are going. We can inform ourselves of the past and we can gather information about the future but to show exactly what we see within the present moment or our now is a brilliant idea. Loved it. I would definitely look over your shoulder again when you did the same on another journey, in another part of our world.

That video is awesome mate, well done.

Susan Kirby

having travelled the world for many years I chose Dunedin to settle down and have never regretted my choice it is a stunning town and a well kept untouched and chilled out

Not a place to miss

Brenda Noël

So lovely to see this. I have very dear friends enjoying a visit to NZ at the moment. Look forward to seeing all their photos of their time in the North and South Islands, and hearing all about it too! It was on our bucket list to do, but was not to be as my husband died. I am sure he will be with our friends in spirit too while they enjoy wonderful NZ. Thanks for sharing your journey it was awesome!

Alyxandra Lunn

So amazing to someone else's perspective of my beautiful country . It took moving to Melbourne to appreciate how lucky we are in NZ , nature at every turn . Thank you

Loved looking through your photos. I was lucky enough to emigrate here in 2013 and although we've done a bit of travelling this beautiful Country just takes your breath away and Queenstown and the West coast is next on the to do list. Best be keeping it quiet or everyone will want to come!!!!

Kharlos Langman

SuCheers a cool idea buddy, keep it up!

Ma Tonina Campillanos

Love to visits this place, so beautiful scenery praise God

Linda Cunningham Wentzel

ReAlly enjoyed your photos of New Zealand, they brought back many good memories of our trip to NZ in 2013/14.

Sherry Heather Blevins

Yes wish I was able to go and see everywhere but at 67 will have to choose wisely, LOL . Greeting from Germany by an American

Brilliant job, Pete! Thanks for reviving some treasured memories when I was there with my family in 2006. Seeing what you had achieved makes me wish I was 40 years younger and retrace your steps!

Steve Simms

Inspirational. Thanks for sharing this journey through our Country. The photo from behind idea is brilliant and the video is a nice highlight.

Your photos were A M A Z I N G even for us New Zealanders - please come back - we like adventurers like you

Shirley Brook

What an amazing adventure you have had. Fabulous photos. Thank you for sharing

Thanks for sharing and it's amazing! My planned trip to NZ in Apr for 10 days, compared to yours, it's a rather short trip, I will have to shorten the dream place list... looking forward!

Priscilia Widjaja

I am a bit curious, how could you travel (and do multi-day tramps) with such a small backpack? Great post, and makes me want to explore my backyard more!

Guy Tichborne

Love it! I live here and it makes me want to see more of my country. Thank you :-)

Sharon Mallalieu

Fantastic pictures and video came back from NZ 4 weeks ago stayed north island most stunning place I have ever seen and will be going back hopefully next year, would live there given half a chance thanks so much your pictured as we knew quite a few if the places.

Sam Ciaky Colosio

Congratulations Pete! Amazing pics! I've always had the dream to visit NZ and now ( cause of you aha ) I can't wait anymore! :) Cheers from Italy

Carl Palmer

Fantastic photos and beautiful/breath taking scenery! Im there in November for our honeymoon. Were going to visit a few places you've shown us! Thank you :)

Ele Ludemann

Thank you for showcasing NZ so beautifully. Next time you come, add Oamaru to your itinerary. Australian photographer Natalie Chadwick said it's NZ"s best kept secret and said: " I rate Oamaru in my top ten for destinations to photograph. It’s up there with New York, Cuba, New Orleans, Prague, Paris and Sydney. . ."

Lindsey Bartlett

Absolutely beautiful magical photographs

Karen Stannard

Lovely. Keep doing this.

Stunning photos and a brilliant video thanks for sharing.

NaMee Be Bear

I like photograph of you all. Its feel like photography a record of story.

Joseph Hill

Amazing pictures and the video is even better. Really gives NZ justice. Brings back great memories for me. I travelled NZ for 5 months in 2008, or be it in a camper van so a lot easier! We did manage to climb mount dome. Thank you.

Cathy Rogers

I had the best time of my life travelling New Zealand on my own in 2001

Fantastic piccies x

Joseph Hill

Amazing pictures and the video is even better. Really gives NZ justice. Brings back great memories for me. I travelled NZ for 5 months in 2008, or be it in a camper van so a lot easier! We did manage to climb mount dome. Thank you.

Lynn Betham

After living in beautiful New Zealand for 17 years in taranaki after seeing your photos I am now questioning why oh why did I return back to the UK

Christine Ball

Sorry you missed Arapawa Island.

Art Faelnar


NZ really is beauty at it's best. Your photos do it a great justice.

Hi Pete!
Embassy of New Zealand in Tokyo here. Just wanted to let you know that we're planning to share this story this on our Facebook page very shortly. Really great work, and very glad you enjoyed your time in NZ :)

G Sy Cooper

Fantastic gx

Carolin Alexandra Senf

You brought back Dome Great memories with your blog. I've been in NZ twice, it's such a wonderful place

Natasha Shadman

Hey, beautiful photos! I am heading there for 5 weeks in November / December. Can't wait - any tips or itineraries people would like to share would be greatly appreciated :)

OH MY GOSH! what the beautifully places, I am in Sydney and this year planned to go to NZ, I wish my dream will come true. By the way love all of your photos, amazing!! <3

Jill Watterson

Breathtaking photos of your incredible journey, would love to see more.

Hey Pete!

What an amazing adventure you had! If you don't mind me asking, what camera did you use during your trip? Thanks in advance and hope to hear from you soon! :)

Hannah Vautier

So beautiful - New Zealand is definitely now on my bucket list!!

Anne Marit Hovstad

New Zealand is beautyful! I was there in 1995 and will never forget!

Lynley Moore

Wow you have showcased our beautiful country so well - at least the parts you visited. Yes there is so much more both in the South Island and of course the North Island. Love how you did the photo's and the video. Born and bred in Auckland and seen a lot of what you have posted, but makes me keen to see some more of my country sooner rather than later. Thank you!

Jackie Bowns

Having just come back and seeing many of the places (low down, no mountain climbs) thought your photos amazing and made me want to go back so much

Thanks for sharing this, just wonderful :-)

Fiona Kennedy

Beautiful :)

DeeDee WooWoo

All these naysayers commenting on where you should go in NZ- give it a rest. Don't be so negative. NZ is a wonderful place and this blog has captured it perfectly. You will never see the most a country has to offer, no matter how long you spend there so better to enjoy the time you have to see the places you want than to not go there at all.

Dominik Kropacek


Dominik Kropacek

Christopher Noriega can we please go

Friederike Habenicht


Martin Jago

Amazing pictures.. It takes a good photographer to do those places justice - but this definitely make me wish I was kayaking in Abel Tasman right now.. ;-)

Zane Spence

Awesome! Great idea. Great pics.

Hayley Jane Smedley

Brings back so many memories, thanku, but yes time to hit the hidden treasures in North Island.

Saving up like mad to go back as soon as. Fabulous pics!!

Gina Barker

thank you so much for sharing your trip,i absolutely loved the photos,I have never been there so thaks again

Hannah Parr

These photos show why I love NZ so much, such a beautiful country, with some truely lovely, welcoming people! Great photos, well done.

Hariram Arunachalam

Yasshene Ann Manuel

Ken Gillingham

Just got back from 5 weeks in NZ ourselves, not so energetic as you but have been to many of the places you pictured this time and in our 1st visit 5 years ago. Your photos are amazing and we could never capture the night stars like you have. Go back and explore the North Island too. Keep travelling and talking the pictures

Scott Cessac

This was absolutely amazing! Thank you so much for sharing your journey. I just got back from12 days in NZ (11/17/-11/28, 2014). I cannot wait to go back and see things I missed, and also repeat some of the more amazing things I did. It is the most beautiful place I have ever been to on earth. I would move there in a heartbeat.

Burh Han

Lovely pictures but no fly fishing?

Its made me want to get on a plane & follow your route..

Stacey Shields

Very talented and creative photographer, cinematographer and editor. Well done, as a NZ'er living overseas I enjoyed very much. thanks

Spent time in NZ many moons ago, even got wed there. Your pics are great.

Lorna Le Maitre

Stunning photos, wonderful journey and amazing country. Enjoy.

Photos are stunning but none from Taupo the great lake.

Sandy Durack

Beautiful photos Pete. We live on the South Island. NZ is a beautiful country and your photos have certainly done it justice. Loved the comments accompanying each pic too.

Love the photos, great shots. What camera and lens did you use?

Hilda Brown

Oh what a lovely time you had.Beautiful scenary.Our daughter went yoo both islands, also whale watching, she loved New Zealand.

Wow isn`t it a wonderful country, have relations in Timaru, Christchurch, in South Island, and more in North Island, have always wanted to go there but never managed, I think it is a wonderful country, and your pictures are awesome. well done you...

Where do you stay for the 5 weeks?

May I know where did you stay for that 5 weeks in new zealand?

We are middle aged and travelled around nz a few years ago. Your pics are great and help to remind us of all the places we saw and more beside which we will never see again. You don't mention visiting pancake rocks, the mariachi boulders or the huge kauri trees. There are so many other places too, I hope you go back while you're young and fit. Look forward to more photos. Thanks.

I really liked this type of photography and your film was lovely! New Zealand is amazing!

Steven Walton

Ive been left this place 20 years and I still miss it, Love You and your people New Zealand ,Kiora xxxx

Ronald Becker


Anna Vebeke Aires

I Love NZ ( I was born in Auckland in 1959 came to England in 64) We went there in October it's sooo lovely thank you for sharing your beautiful photos looks like you had a wonderful time!!

Corinna Findling-Zolper

Stunning pictures. I am feeling the travel blues right now. We are just about to plan our first trip to NZ.

Astrid Lorraine

Been to NZ twice in 1995 and 2003. It has without a doubt the most unspoilt, diverse beautiful landscapes in the world. I particularly remember fondly the 3 day walk in Abel Tasman, the ice climb on the Franz Josef glacier, the 15000 ft skydive over Lake Taupo and watching Jonny Wilkinson kick that famous drop goal to beat Australia in the 2003 World cup on TV in a Wellington bar. I loved the country so much I got a Maori tattoo completed on my arm so I would never be away from simply the most beautiful places in the world! I would love to take my for week old boy when he's older! The pictures you posted envoke many happy memories! Nice one!

Rita Charvill

Wonderful. Wish I was 40 years younger to do all that, apart from the ice escapade. Would love you to see Bay of Islands, it is breathtaking. Want to go back and see more. The video was aamazing

Wow what great photos. Must be a good camera to take selfies from such a you were on your solo journey

Heather Cartwright

Superb thanks it's a place I have never been , but I now feel I have seen a lot of it, thanks again

Took me back a few years to our New Zealand adventure. Thanks

Nathaniel M J Cooper

dude nice shots did you manage to pull the girl at the end of the video? props!

Thank you! It reminded me of my trip to New Zealand and just how beautiful it is!
The south Island is stunning, so is the North Island in a different way. The people are
Friendly, generous and awesome.
Enjoy your next trip

Hell yeah! amazing keep it up. Go explore this world.

Linda Mayne

Great pictures Pete. We visited NZ a few years ago. Seeing your pictures makes me more determined to go back. Enjoy your future travels. Xx

Stephen Passingham

Where are the people, their homes, the art deco town?

I feel very blessed to have been to NZ And have seen some of these sights or sights extremely similar. It is a very beautiful country with great people. Loved it.

Amazing pics! I plan on going travelling next year, NZ is most def on the list! Do you have these on Instagram?

Are you totally out of your mind, asking if you should continue doing this type of Photography???? Those photos are fantastic and shows New Zealand in a great way. Thanks for sharing :)

Faye Yarker

Wonderful photos you do our country great justice ,do come back and visit

David J Brazendale

Stunning pictures of a Stunning and Beautiful Country I have visited the South Island and your pictures brought back Memories :)

Angela Harper

Amazing photos thanks for sharing them!

Astrid Ahke

Your picture made me homesick again...especially those stunning stars over Lake Pukaki. I used to live one year close to Christchurch and Alexandra/central Otago. I came back for a visit in 2012 and will go to NZ again, for sure. Please continue your work and maybe involve even more friendship and silent moments. if i could I would immediately book a one-way-ticket :o)

Dana Blyth

Yes keep doing this and maybe include some shots of the towns too you know every day life etc. our family was on its way to settle in NZ many years ago however we went via British Columbia and it captured us! So... I still have not been to NZ although my parents went there and visited all my family who moved there in the 40's and 50's.

Ian Boulton

Was in NZ South Island a few years ago. Just the most beautiful place I've been. Wanted to stay but had to head home.

Stephen Moss

Fantastic. Loved the photos and commentary. Thanks for sharing :)

Your pics are beautiful... yes it's a great idea my daughter n partner have just finished 3 weeks in a camper van doing the north n south islands

Laurence Hart

Great pics Pete, I'm off to NZ 13th April. I decided to do 10 on the south island by motorbike and 6 days on the north island by train. The south island is all planned, but I'm still looking at what to do on the north island.

Lauren Klein

Nice pics! What camera did you use?

Been in New Zealand since the first of January and go back to England on 18th February seen some great places too

Michelle Van Vlijmen

I LOVED this, what a clever idea to do the back view photography. Thank you, I've been to New Zealamd and did have a return trip planned but got cancer and will not be able to go back so this was lovely to see. Thanks again and keep on exploring and sharing if you can, Michelle xx

We are thinking about moving there, would you recommend it?

Carole Stewart

Pete, I think these are the most spectacular photos I have ever seen - tumbling one after the other - each one perfect - you are an incredible 'see-er' and I think you should continue this style of photography - it allows the viewer to enter the landscape. Thank you. Thank you.

I don't know if anyone has asked you but you have a very nice bag.

Beautiful ! I miss NZ! Travellers sld help to protect the natural landscape from pollution. I've seen travellers urinating at Lake Tekapo. Oh gosh!

i always reread your blog. Thanks for sharing it never fails to raise my hair and make me more excited to go nz.

Martin Waters

Wellington is one of my favourite places. Great pics though.....

Ariannie Charles

Wow amazing

Rose Webster

So lovely to see our beautiful country through a tourist's eyes. Hope you enjoyed yourself and come back.

Khanh Do

O.M.G! Your photos inspire me alot. It's rad. Thank you for sharing (:

Simply amazing! Love this country with all my heart, you might have missed a couple places in the north island but Nz is just too good and beautiful everywhere. Great post, keep it up!

This will definitely not be my last time in NZ. :) Thank you for the comment.

Debbie Neder Thacker


Binny Tay

Thanks for sharing (: it's absolutely awesome & inspiring. Hoping to visit some of the places we missed during our recent trip.

Michael Moraga

I spent February of 2015 there, from north to south... This video, especially, captures why so many people RAVE about New Zealand. SPECTACULAR (thank you)

Thank you for the comment! I rave about the place still today! :)

Lesley Turner Hall

Awesome way to show your awesome trip! Photos with small captions! Perfect. And I too prefer having my photo taken of my back & looking out at the scenery.

Beryl Brock

The North Island doesn't end at Auckland, there are some fabulous sights north of there. Such a pity you didn't see the Bay of Islands, Cape Reinga or Cape Maria van Diemen. Northland is the place of beautiful bays and beaches. Hopefully next time!

Next time! Pinky swear! :)

Thank you for sharing your pics it's beautiful I never get to travel out of S.A and it's lovely to see the world through other people's eyes thank you regards chantelle

Kim Coats Davis


Gail Robinson

I loved your photos, and your commentary. I'm sharing with my daughter who backpacked and worked there, and I know it'll take her right back to that time! Thank you for sharing your great journey

No problem Gail. I hope your daughter will love it. New Zealand is definitely an exceptional place. :)

Hey mate, did you use tripod to take the photo or there was someone else traveling with you?

The majority are from my tripod but I asked people I hung out with to take photos also. Since I used RX100, the tripod is so light I carry it around with me all the time. :)

It's freaking awesome album! mind to share what camera you used?

I used a Sony Rx100 M1 back then. Broke it in Vietnam though so bought a new Rx100M3

Love your photos! please do more in your future trips!

Great job carry on this special trips

Nancy Ballesteros Lavarias

Fantastic pictures and place... very clear shots as well.

Sofia Al-Zadjali

Very nice pics

Merrilyn Fourie

Hi Pete, your post came up on my Facebook page today as a "Memory to look back on "as i had shared your post on my page last year. That's the great thing about these beautiful photos, you look at them and relive those beautiful memories. Thank you

Thank you for the the comment Merrilyn. I really do appreciate it and I'm glad you enjoyed the post :) I still watch the Kiwiland video everynow and then to recall great memories in NZ

Kristin Sjoberg

Your pics are gorgeous. What camera do you use?

Thank you! Sony Rx100

Vicka Liu

Great post Pete! I really want to go now after seeing your post. when is the best time to go? Transportation is it convenient? il be traveling alone. How much roughly did it cost you? thanks:)

Thank you! In depends, if you want to risk a bit of rain but not many tourists, go in late October, otherwise, the summer is the best time (Dec to Feb) but you will see a lot of tourists and good places maybe booked by then.

For the transportation and budget, check my other guide here:

I hope this helps!

Sapphire Lee

I loved it! The commentary were short and sweet. Went well with the photos. Overall it was easy to digest and a very enjoyable read!

sooo lovely! keep going Pete! =D

Brandon Boudreau


These have to be one of the most beautiful photographs I've ever seen! :)

Thank you Pamela! :)

Hi Pete,

About two years ago I was thinking of travelling to New Zealand and found this post of yours:

This was very inspiring and I did my trip in North Island. Now, more than two years later a sponsored ad on Facebook from a Brazilian travel agency caught my attention as it has the same cover photo on its article.

Even though it was a while after I saw your post, I knew for sure the photo was yours. I don't know if they do have permission for using it commercially and that's why I'm sending you this alert. There's no references to yours or BucketListly's name.

This is the article's URL:

I dig into the source code to find the image address and it points to:

That means they downloaded your picture and saved in their servers, since it's not pointing to your blog's address.

Thanks for the great content of always.

Beautiful pics I must say...great job.

Wow, What the nice photo you take. I am very interested in your attractive photo. Thanks for share this blog.

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