7 Best Herschel Supply Bags for Travelers - The Ultimate Guide to Travel Backpacks

7 Best Herschel Supply Bags for Travelers

The Ultimate Guide to Travel Backpacks

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If you have been browsing BucketListly Blog long enough, you would know that I am a huge fan of Herschel Supply backpacks. In fact, one of the most questions I've got whenever I share my photos on my blog or Instagram is "What backpack are you using?".

For those of you who do not know about Herschel Supply Co., it is an international accessory brand based in Vancouver, Canada that blends in quality products with beautiful authentic design that is both stylish and functional.

I bought my first Herschel Supply backpack for my trip to New Zealand in 2014. 5 years after, I am still using their bags. Herschel Supply unique design never gets old.

In the world where technical products are often bulky and ugly, Herschel Supply products stood out from the rest by showing that it is possible to have a quality product that is both functional and stylish.

By staying true to its authentic design, Herschel Supply was able to adapt to the ever-growing needs of travelers and produce products for all of us travelers to proudly enjoy.

There most well-known products from Herschel Supply are backpacks and they have quite a big collection for us to choose from. Within this guide, I will recommend 7 Herschel Supply's backpacks that are perfect for any types of traveler, no matter if you are an adventurer and an urban explorer.

Without further ado, let's begin with the classic and the backpack you often see in my travel photos, the Little America Classic series.

Disclaimer: This is not, in any way, sponsored by Herschel Supply. I just really really like their products 😉.

1. Little America Classic Backpack

I had my Indian Blue Little America backpack everywhere I go nowadays. This was me and Herschel Supply backpack in St. Petersburg, Russia in 2017. I still use this bag today.

This is by far, one of my favorite backpacks from Herschel Supply and you will often see me with it when I am traveling. Its iconic 2 striped heritage design that draws from its authentic mountaineering root in the form of clean urban design and a ton of color selection (36 colors as of 2019) that looks great in the mountain as well as in the city, making Little America the perfect backpack to have when you are traveling.

My favorite Little America backpack colors have got to be the plain Indian Blue, a limited color selection, which is similar to Navy Blue but with a slightly brighter tone. The back of the backpack and its straps are also comfortably padded, allowing you to carry a heavy load while you are out and about exploring a new city or a new hiking trail.

It can also withstand light rain as you can see here when I was at Bastei bridge in Dresden, Germany in 2015.

Little America is also the first backpack that I bought from Herschel Supply and I have gone through it at least 3 Litte America backpacks in my 6 years travel career. It has gone through snowy mountains, rainy valleys and dusty desert around the world which should show you how durable and versatile Herschel Supply backpacks are.

If you are planning to buy the Little America backpack, I would recommend you get a large one where you will have a 25L capacity that comes equipped with a 15" size laptop padded sleeve, and plenty of space left for essentials like a water bottle or jackets, etc.

The price of the Herschel Supply Little America backpack should be around 99 USD but be sure to check the latest price from Amazon in the link below:

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2. Buckingham Backpack

Buckingham Backpack by Herschel Supply on Amazon

The Buckingham Backpack from Herschel Supply has got to be my second favorite of all. I'll be honest with you, there were times when I was carrying my Little America backpack and wish it had more space or that I could put a water bottle outside the backpack.

The Herschel Supply's Buckingham backpack answers all my needs with a 33L capacity, 2 outside pockets for water bottles, and best of all, it maintains the iconic mountaineering look of 2 striped that you get from the famous Little America series.

I found the Buckingham Backpack accidentally while I was walking around a local department store in Bangkok, Thailand.

It has what you would come to expect from a Herschel Supply backpack like a 15" laptop sleeve, magnetic straps and contoured shoulder straps. It also has 2 front pockets that you can fit your essential items like a passport or earphones.

Due to how new it is, it currently only comes in one camouflage pattern and 3 colors, black, medieval blue, and olive night. I am personally looking to get either the medieval blue and olive night myself 😉.

The Buckingham backpack should cost around 120 USD as of 2019 but be sure the check the price on Amazon with the link below:

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3. Barlow Backpack - Trail Collection

The Trail Collection of Barlow Backpack from Herschel Supply is a new bag that closes the gap between stylish and tactical with 2 water bottles pockets, custom design rain cover and more.

If you are looking for something smaller that would go great with your big backpack, the Barlow Trail Collection backpack is a great option as well.

The Trail collection is a selection of Herschel Supply's products that are designed to be light-weight, water-resistant and tactical for both exploring cities and going on day hikes.

Barlow Backpack from the Trail Collection by Herschel Supply on Amazon.

The Barlow backpack comes with 2 external water bottle holders, air-meshed back, padded straps, and a custom design rain-cover built into the bag which will come in handy especially when you are traveling and can not always predict the weather.

It also comes with utilitarian features like the top and bottom easy-access pockets, multi-loop webbing utility straps for tripods or mountain gear, and sternum support, basically features you don't usually see in such a stylish backpack such as this.

The capacity of the Barlow backpack is 27L. It comes in 5 colors as of 2019 and it costs around 120 USD. Be sure the check out the price with the link below:

Check Price on Amazon

4. Little America Light Backpack

The Little America Light backpack is a light-weight version of the Little America Classic backpack by Herschel Supply.

If you like the Little America design but you need something lighter that you can easily carry around or material that is easier to wash than the Little America Classic leather straps then you should get the Little America Light backpack instead.

The Little America Light series is a new take on tge design of the classic Little America backpacks with a more light-weight and relaxed structure in mind. The form factor of the Light series is pretty much the same with the Classic series but with a few new touches on the material used.

It comes with all the usual features you get with Little America Classic backpacks like 15" laptop sleeve, magnet straps, and a 25L capacity, but built with a light-weight material that should make it more comfortable rugging it around.

There are 7 colors, with the Cypress (green) color that I very much like, and it should cost you around 100 USD. Click the link below the check the latest price of Little America Light Backpack on Amazon.

Check Price on Amazon

5. Trade Luggage

The white Trade Luggage Carry-On size by Herschel Supply.

I know, I know. You are probably wondering why I am recommending a suitcase. I am a backpacker through and through but there are times when better protection is required to carry things like camera gears or a drone for the purpose of creating content for this blog, and the hard-shell Trade Luggage comes in quite handy for a trip like that.

The Trade Luggage is one of the new Herschel Supply products that are created specifically for travelers and you can clearly see that in its set of features that come with the luggage.

Its hard-shell exterior and zipper-lock offer protection you don't get in any regular backpacks. It also comes equipped with 4 wheels for easy mobility and an internal mesh divider that should help you organize your travel clothes easier.

Trade Luggage Carry On by Herschel Supply on Amazon

It comes in 3 sizes with a capacity of 40L, 66L, and 92L with the smallest one (40L) being designed to fit the maximum carry-on luggage size so that you can fly without having to pay extra to load a suitcase.

There are 6 - 8 colors available depending on the size you pick and the price for small, medium and large should be around 149 USD, 169 USD and 229 USD respectively.

Check Price on Amazon

6. Packable Daypack

Packable Daypack by Herschel Supply on Amazon

If you are looking for a daypack that you don't have to carry until you actually need it, Herschel Supply also has that covered.

The Packable Daypack is a backpack that can be collapsed and folded into its own pocket where you can then stuff it in your big backpack when traveling and only use it when you need it.

It has fewer features than other Herschel Supply backpacks but it gets the job done by making it available only when you need it. I can see having this daypack stored inside my big Osprey backpack while traveling and when I arrive in a new city, I can whip out Packable Daypack, put all my essentials in the daypack, leave my backpack at a hotel/hostel and start exploring.

It is built with a lightweight polyester ripstop fabric material, front pocket and can carry around 24.5L. It comes in over 40 colors and should cost around 50 USD.

Check Price on Amazon

7. Retreat Backpack Light

Retreat Backpack Light by Herschel Supply on Amazon.

Last but not least, if you like a bag that is as stylish but lighter and smaller than any of the backpacks listed here (except maybe the Packable Daypack), the Retreat series is a great option for you.

The Retreat Backpack Light is a smaller and more affordable version of the Little America Light backpack. It maintains that 2 striped mountaineering design, the padded laptop sleeve, and contoured shoulder strap but it comes in 14L form-factor.

This is great for when you are traveling and looking for a backpack to carry all the essential stuff with the flexibility to carry more, something you don't have with the Packable Daypack I mentioned earlier.

The Retreat Backpack Light comes in 7 colors and costs around 80 USD. For more information on the currently listed pricing, you can check the latest price on Amazon with the link below:

Check Price on Amazon

And there you have it, the ultimate guide to picking the best Herschel Supply backpacks for your travel. There are no backpacks that strike a perfect balance between style and function quite like Herschel Supply backpacks.

With this guide, you should be able to find the best backpack for the type of travelers you are without sacrificing your personal sense of style.

If you are looking for a backpack for your next trip, give Herschel Supply a go and let me know what you think about their bags in the comments below.

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