The Only Egypt We Have Travel Video
Comment / 06/03/2015

The Only Egypt We Have Travel Video

Due to all the negative media coverage in the middle east, countries in the area are heavily affected by the dwindling number of tourists. I took this opportunity to visit Egypt, Jordan and Turkey for 2 months. This video is the first part of the video where I spent 10 days in Egypt traveling alone from Cairo, Aswan to Luxor.

Even though, the number of tourists in Egypt has gone down considerably after the revolution, the country still hold one of the most historic sites and ruins of an Ancient civilization the ruled the area, the Ancient Egypt. After all, this is the only Egypt we have in the world, so don't let the media stop you from coming to this place.

Enjoy the video!

Music: Yemen Blues - Yoducha (I humbly borrowed their music so all rights goes to them)
Camera Gear:

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