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Comment / 03/28/2016

Bagan is a place like no other in the world. I've been here twice and both times, I was captivated by it and surprised by all the details I missed the last time. Over 2,200 abandoned pagodas spread out over the orange-yellowish landscape that is the plain of Bagan. Biking is my preferred mode of transportation which allowed me access to some very remote temples with ease. Not to mention, this place is probably one of the most beautiful places in the world to watch a sunrise. See in the video for yourself. :)

In this particular video, I experimented with many new techniques I learned over the past few days from motion tracking to speed ramping and sound design. Possibly the longest I've spent doing a video to date. I hope I did not overuse the speed ramping technique since I think it fits in well with the flow of the story, the building emotion and the music.

Hope you enjoy the video! Try watching it with a good pair of headphones. :)

This video was part of the series of videos from my trip in South East Asia a few months back:
South East Asia:

Camera Gear:
Music: Easy to Read by Milk & Bone

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