Follow Me Through Vietnam Travel Video
Comment / 04/01/2015

Follow Me Through Vietnam Travel Video

My first trip of 2015, I decided to spent 2 weeks in Vietnam traveling from South to North. Starting out from Ho Chi Minh City and ended at Sapa, the whole trip was a roller coaster ride.

From the streets of Saigon to the marvelous cave system of Phong Nha, follow me and my travel friends through the unmatched tropical beauty that is Vietnam.

Camera: RX100 M1 & RX100 M3 (Broke my RX100 M1 in the cave and had to buy a new one in Hanoi!)
Software: Lightroom + Premiere
Music: Cannons by Youth Lagoons ( Check them out, they are awesome!

Special Thanks to Nina, Madelon, Phobe, Jenny, Julia, Jannis, Anna, Rolando, Delphine and everyone else who made the trip such a memorable moment.

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