Borneo Travel Video
Comment / 08/07/2017

Borneo Travel Video

I spent 2 weeks being immersed in the wildlife and nature in “The lungs of the Earth” or Borneo. Borneo is well known for its untouched rainforest, home to many endanger animals like the Borneo orangutans so I was set out to see as many animals as possible on this largest island in South East Asia. I traveled from Kuching, Bako national park, through Brunei and ended my trip in Kota Kinabalu.

For this video I realized a little too late that I didnt have enough material to come up and create engaging stories on the fly so i went with the goal to show you around the island instead of a story.

Enjoy the journey through this wonderful island!

Location: Kuching, Bako National Park, Brunei, Kota Kinabalu

Camera Gear: Sony a6500 + 16mm - 70mm Zeiss lens, GOPRO Hero 4 Silver (

Music: Vessels - 4AM

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