Visiting Blyde River Canyon - One of the Best Photo Spots in South Africa
Visiting Blyde River Canyon - One of the Best Photo Spots in South Africa

Visiting Blyde River Canyon

One of the Best Photo Spots in South Africa


Continuing from part 2 where we went on a 4 days safari in the Kruger National Park. On our way back to Johannesburg, we stopped at the Blyde River Canyon as part of the final item in our itinerary provided by Viva Safaris. It was an hour stop and boy, was it a view!

Prior to arriving in Africa, I googled Blyde River Canyon to get some ideas on what to expect, and I saw a photo of a person hanging his legs out on a cliff and that's when my mind was set, I need to get this picture of myself when I'm there! Mission accomplished!

This journal will be a short one but it will have one of the best photos I (or my friends) have ever taken. Without further ado, let's enjoy the scenery of the breathtaking South African landscapes.


Day 5: Blyde River Canyon and Part Ways

As we drove for about 2 hours from Kruger National Park, we were welcomed with this incredible view from the first outlook point at the Blyde River Canyon.

Trying to find that cliff that I saw in Google. Unfortunately, it was behind a prohibited sign saying not to enter. I thought I would just settle with this one.

As I waited for our guide and other tourists to walk to another spot, I waited patiently, mind fixated on one thing, and one thing alone. I need this picture!

In case you were wondering who took all these gorgeous photos of me, it was her, Katarina from Bern, Switzerland. I traveled alone, not to be alone.. :)

Alright, the guides are gone and everyone else are all but taking photos and not looking at an only Asian guy around. Let's do this!

I literally had to jump from one rock to another to get to this place and since the rock was a little slope, I had to really be careful not to fall.

Finally! I did it. The view over at the cliff was well worth the shakes

Here's another perspective, my perspective. Now you know why it was worth the risk!

Now, it was the girls turn. I really enjoyed traveling with people that go all the way to make the experience more fun like them.

Thomas look into the future, contemplating life!

And here's our little expedition before we part ways into different paths of life. When you've been traveling alone for so long, a little companion like this is a refreshing change.

After an hour at the Blyde River Canyon, we headed back to Johannesburg as Viva Safaris dropped us off at our designated hostels. Since I had to leave to Zambia the next day, I decided to stay at the hostel near the airport, went and grab a couple of beers with the 2 Swiss ladies, shared several good laughs and then we went separate ways the next day.

Coming up, the last entry of my African trip to the journal, we will end our journey exploring a little town called Livingstone in Zambia and graced upon the mighty Victoria Falls. Have you ever wanted to see the Victoria Falls with your own eyes? Stay tuned.

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