Explore Abandoned Airplanes in Bangkok - A Guide to an Airplane Graveyard in Bangkok
Explore Abandoned Airplanes in Bangkok - A Guide to an Airplane Graveyard in Bangkok

Explore Abandoned Airplanes in Bangkok

A Guide to an Airplane Graveyard in Bangkok

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It has been a while since the last time I went out and did some urban exploration (abandoned ghost tower) in Bangkok, and now I'm back for another adventure I found myself into. This time we are going to go explore an abandoned 747 airplane in an airplane graveyard in Bangkok.

An airplane graveyard? In the middle of the city? I know! I was surprise as well when I found out about it. I did not know about this place myself until I saw some photos on the Internet and I decided to track the place down and explored the hell out of it. Here is a guide on how me and my friends did it and how you can do it too.

Note: The airplane graveyard is a private property and trespassing into a private property is illegal. I do not encourage you to do the same as I did and I can not vouch for your safety if you do so. The airplanes were abandoned for many years and the metal structure is dangerously fragile and prone to collapse. If you decided to go, do it at your own risk.

Getting There

The airplane graveyard is not anywhere near any public transit station nor is it near any landmarks you can tell the taxi easily so what I had to do was to tell the taxi to go to the "Ramkhamhaeng Road Soi 105". Most taxis will know where the road is but not the exact location of Soi 105 so you will have to direct the taxi when you are on the Ramkhamhaeng road. Google Maps is your friend here.

As your taxi drive towards the north eastern part of Bangkok you should see a few big airplanes on your left. That's when you know you have arrive.

I would suggest you to go in the early morning because they were asking us to leave by noon so they might not want to deal with it after that.

Getting In

Again, you are illegally trespassing into a private property here so before you decided to go at your own risk, please consider these facts.

We were four and as we approached the small bamboo fence on the side of the Ramkhamhaeng road, I noticed a security guard and his family's cottage on the left side. I walked in and asked the first person I could get a hold of if we could explore this place a bit. I assume she was the security guard's wife and she was reluctant a bit but in the end she asked us to pay 200 baht each and let us in.

What you need

You will be climbing rusty metal and walk on unstable ground so a few gears are required:

  • Sturdy shoes are essential. You are going to be walking on a metallic surface and that can be quite slippery, especailly the airplane's wings and its oily surface.
  • Drinking Water: Bangkok is hot and humid any time of the year and combining that with the humidity of walking inside a metallic structure that blocks you from the wind and you will basically be walking in an oven.
  • A camera: Of course a camera, otherwise why else would you be here?

I woke up early in the morning and took a taxi with my friends to the airplane graveyard at around 8 AM. This place was such a hidden gem, there was no one there but us.

There were around 4 - 5 abandoned airplanes on the premise, most of which are small ones except the behemoth of metal junk located near the entrance, the 747.

We decided to explore the smaller plane first to get a feel of what it's like. Extreme humidity as expected, combined with a smell that was not present but manageable.

Of course I went straight to the cockpit. I have never gone inside one before so here was my chance!

"Look at me. Look at me! I'm the captain now."

Most of the control panels were still intact. Although I would probably advise not to touch it.

Even though, it is an airplane graveyard, the outside was surprisingly green. What a perfect contrast between a rusting man-made structure and a rush green vegetation that took over.

I was so tempted to take this back as a souvenior. I mean, how often do you have a chance to get the breathing mask as a souvenior, right?

After a solid hour of playing imaginary caption, it was time to explore the big boss, the 747 airplane.

Assuming my observations were correct, the 747 belonged to Orient Thai airways. Why it was there is still unknown to me.

And of course, the best way to get in is to climb from the openning side like this.

This was the moment to remember.. the moment I would step into a First Class cabin for the first time in my entire life!

So this is what flying in First Class looks like.. it doesn't look as comfortable as advertised.

Unimpressed by the quality of the First Class cabin, I decided to storm out and explored my options on other airplanes.

Kids, this is why you don't do drugs. Look at what it had done to Pikachu!

Now, this photo captured what it is like to go urban exploring perfectly, a contrast of life and decay.

All the other planes were not as intact as the first two we explored so we decided to keep it short.

At around twelve, the people who let us in was getting uneasy and told us to start disappearing. Not sure why though. Maybe they didn't want to attract too much attention by allowing people to go in after twelve? Who knows?

We took one last photo of our squad and ended our day there.

It was a fun half day activity. If you enjoy urban exploration in a city like Bangkok, you will love this airplane graveyard. If you have any questions, please do let me know in the comments below. Stay tuned for more of me going urban exploration around the world.

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