Live Now in Kyrgyzstan Travel Video
Comment / 09/10/2017

Live Now in Kyrgyzstan Travel Video

Here's my modern take on one of the most unknown countries in Central Asia, Kyrgyzstan (Ker-Gyz-Stan). Do not let the name and the spellings fool you, Kyrgyzstan is one of the easiest countries in Central Asia to travel to and one of the most rewarding. With alpine mountains and pristine lakes all over the country, where ever you trek you are sure to be spending a night in the middle of beautiful untouched nature under millions of stars.

Other than nature, Bishkek is one of the few cities in the world I feel like I can stay for a long period of time. The people here are phenomenal, the city is small enough that you can go almost everywhere by walking, and not too crowded but enough to keep the creativity flowing. It is truly my home in Central Asia.

For this video, I decided to go for the fast pace, energetic and colorful look and feel again with a message to live now delivered by Anne Sexton's voice and her poetry "The Truth The Dead Know". The concept of this video is that you can live your life now if you travel to Kyrgyzstan.

I hope the video will inspire you to give Central Asia a try, to put your attention to this small amazing country, ignite the adventurous fire within you, to put Kyrgyzstan within your radar and finally to inspire you to LIVE NOW.


Narration came from an original version of a poem by Anne Sexton, "The Truth The Dead Know":

"And what would the dead say? What defiles
their calm eyes and their loose brows?
Not this. For through their tiny smiles
they mutter: live now, live now."

Location: Bishkek, Karakol, Issyk Kul, Kadji Say, Ala Kul, Song Kul, Arslanbob, Osh

Camera Gear: Sony a6500 + 16mm - 70mm Zeiss lens, Mavic Drone (not mine) (

Music: Moby - The Violent Bear It Away
Drone Footages by Dylan Endrion

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