My Journey on The Routeburn Track - The Best New Zealand Great Walk You Can Hike
My Journey on The Routeburn Track - The Best New Zealand Great Walk You Can Hike

My Journey on The Routeburn Track

The Best New Zealand Great Walk You Can Hike


Brace yourself, we are going to walk one of the best great walks in New Zealand together from the beginning to the end. A 3 days journey with me, joined by Ashley (whom I met in Rotorua) and her sister, Rachel through one of the most photogenic trail in the world, the Routeburn Track.

Within this post, you will experience lush forests, massive waterfalls, and ridiculously beautiful mountain range like we did but with the comfort of your seat. Without further ado, let's begin the journey:


Basic Info about the Trail:

The Routeburn track is a 3 days one-way trail which starts at The Divide (near Te Anau) and ends at the Routeburn Shelter (near Queenstown) or vice versa. In order to go to these points though, you will need to book a shuttle service. I booked mine from Tracknet both for drop off and pick up at both points.

You will also have to book a mountain hut which you will be able to do it on the official website.

Gears needed are normal trekking gears like a fleece jacket, weatherproof jacket and pants, breathable shirts, sunglasses, trekking shoes and most importantly, a sleeping bag. Keep in mind that it rains/snows a lot in the Fiordland so do wear something warm.

Day 24: The Key Summit

We woke up early in the morning to catch our Tracknet transfer from Te Anau to The Divide with a bunch of other people doing the Milford trail. Since I did not need most of my stuff, I decided to send my daypack to Queenstown ahead of time via Tracknet Bag Transfer for 15 NZD.

The shuttle bus was kind enough to stop at the Mirror Lake before heading to the Divide.

From the beginning of the trail, we started hiking up on the side of a mountain. After an hour or so, we reached one of the first destination, the Key Summit.

Most people we met along the way were doing this little hike in a day. The view was phenomenal as you can see. They even created a nice nature walk at the summit. The Kiwi really knows what they are doing when it comes to creating a scenic walk.

Rachel immersed in mother nature.

There was a small little pond up at the summit. I would totally jump in if it wasn't covered in mosses.

Meet my companion for the trip, Rachel on the left, and Ashley on the right.

Oh, how I was so grateful meeting Ashley in Rotorua. Initially I had no plan to do any of the great walks, but she convinved me to give it a go and there I was.

It was getting very chilly at the top so we decided to head down and continued to our first lunch stop. On our way we spotted the most scenic toilet ever!

The trail took us through some of the most beautiful forest I've seen. Dark green, mosses covered trees with sun rays peaking through leaves.

We stopped at Lake Howden hut for lunch. Before I left Te Anau, I bought a delicious bacon and egg pie at the famous Miles Better Pies and I devoured the whole thing in seconds.

The girls were more resillient than I thought. They barely ate and continued on with absolute focus.

We spotted many waterfalls along the way but the next one caught our attention..

It was a behemoth!

We asked a few day hikers to snap our photos with this behemoth waterfall.

We continued on relentlessly. The forest became more and more alien as we advanced. "So this is what untouched nature looks like" I thought to myself.

If you look carefully, it seems like the trees were trying to grasp for the little sunlight that peaked through.

After a few hours, we were eventually in the open. Our stop for the night was in sight.

Or so we thought. Apparently, this nice little house was for the VIP trampers only. We paid the cheaper option for the huts so ours was not as luxurious. I heard they have free wifi and warm breakfast!

Welcome to the Lake MacKenzie mountain hut, perfectly located by the lake.

We were so happy to finally rest our feet and enjoy the scenery of this wonderful place.

This was our little cozy mountain hut shared with 30 other trekkers.

Rachel preparing for bed. It was early but we knew the next day would be long and cold. The weather did not look so good and we anticipated snow.

Day 25: The Snowstorm

Weren't we the most colorful trekkers out there? It was snowing mildly in the morning. The ranger expected it to snow but he didn't think it would be too bad. He was wrong!

The trek began with quite a steep climb in the beginning and then crawled along the side of a mountain.

At that point the snow was still bearable but it didn't look like it would go away.

We eventually reached the open area and realized how heavy the snow really was. We were protected by the trees before but now, we were out in the open and it would be like this for several hours onward.

Even though it was snowing heavily, I still found it beautiful to look at the landscape around us.

We spotted several small waterfalls along the way as we continued relentlessly through the ever-growing snowstorm.

At one point we could not even see what was in front of us. The snow got worst every minute. I was cold down to my bones.

As my hands started to get wet because of all the ice forming, we reached our first lunch stop of the day. The Harris shelter is a small shelter on the ridge where, on a great day, you had the option to climb to the Conical Hill. It was closed that day for obvious reason.

Again I ate my sandwich whole and the girls barely ate anything. We pressed forward down the ridge as the snowstorm hit us in full force.

But there was nothing to complain about. Even with the snows, the scenery were still unbelievably beautiful.

I believe it was some kind of lake down there. Hard to be sure when there was a snowstorm pouring down on us.

We got to bottom of the hill and found a little shelter between cracked rocks.

No time to waste. We pressed onward hoping to see our mountain hut at any moment.

Still nothing. We were wondering if we actually took the wrong turn..

The girls amazed me. They did not complain one bit and they smiled all the way through the snowstorm.

Yes! Our mountain hut was finally in sight! I was never happy to see a shelter this much before.

Since we knew where we were heading, we strolled around a little bit and found this massive waterfall behind the hut.

We reached the mountain hut at around 2 pm. We couldn't believe it was in the middle of the day. It looked nothing like day to me.

We ended the day quickly as it was getting colder and colder by the night. We couldn't even sit in the kitchen without a sleeping bag wrapping around our bodies. The ranger said that they would have close the trek if they knew it would be snowing that heavily. We were glad they did not! It was cold as hell but very well worth the effort.

Day 26: The Perfect Day

And as you guessed it, the weather was clear and sunny, like nothing happened the previous day. Welcome to New Zealand!

I definitely did not expect this so I decided to go out on my own (the girls refused to wake up) and backtracked my way to the valley so that I could see what it was like without snow.

This was the view in the early morning from our mountain hut.

Magnificent isn't it?

I did not know there were so many waterfalls around the area.

This was where we had to go down that day, but not before I went back up and see what was what!

It must have snowed heavily at night. Everything was covered in snows. It was melting fast though.

It had been incredible to be able to experience the Routeburn track under all 3 climates, snow, cloudy and sunny in one go.

Snowy mountains everywhere! This was the reason why I was in New Zealand. Snowy mountains!

The snow was almost as high as my knees! Crazy!

This was what the valley looked like.

It was early in the morning and I barely heard anything except the sound of running water along the rivers seeping through snows and rocks. No place more peaceful than in the mountains.

My perfect spot away from people, and problems. Only me and the mountains.

I just stood there and watch the mountains moved.

It was 10 am and I decided to go down and checked on the girls. They were already awake getting ready to continue on.

At that point the trail was all down hill. The Routeburn track was stunning in every direction you look from start to finish, it is ridiculous!

We found this open field right after we came down from the mountain. Since our pickup was not until 2pm, we decided to spent an hour enjoying our time here.

It was time for me to recap the whole experience we had in the mountains. It was a hell of a ride we went through.

After a healthy amount of time relaxing we decided to push to the end of our last leg.

We evenrually arrived at the end of the trail in an hour or so. Since we had almost an hour and a half before our pickup time, we setup camp at the end of the bridge and rest.

I was still unable to believe that I was in middle of all these wonderful nature. The whole experience seemed surreal.

The decision to extend my trip for another week to be able to do the Routeburn Track was the best decision I made in New Zealand. Photos don't do this place justice.

Even though, we were hit with a snowstorm on the second day, I wouldn't change a thing. It was all part of the experience.

Again, I devoured whatever the food I had with me and the girls barely ate a thing. I started to wonder if they were humans! They didn't eat or drink much, and they slept like there was no tomorrow. Nothing made sense anymore! I told them and we laughed about it. No matter how hard the challenges are, as long as we can laugh and smile at the end, nothing matters.

Our coach came and picked us up at the Routeburn Shelter, dropped us off in Queenstown and ended our journey of the great walk of New Zealand. I first need to apologize for the number of photos in this post but the Routeburn Track really needs all the photos to give you a glimpse of what it was really like.

I hope you enjoyed the photo essay. Next up, we will plunge down from a moving plane at 15,000 ft above Queenstown, visit Lake Tekapo and walked the famous Hooker Valley walk into the heart of the Southern Alps and stare at Mt Cook face-to-face so stay tuned.

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Well done Ash, thanks for the write-up.

What time of year did you do this?

Such an amazing trip. But I just wonder how could you guys won't lost without any guides in that 3 days ? Was trail always available ?

Thank you! If i remember correctly, the ways are clearly marked and the path are very straight forward. No intersection or anything. :)

Thank you, that's great :D. Hope to get there asap :D.

Foiz Ahmed Bhuiyan


What a great track and wonderful photos! I'm just wondering how did you guys manage to do this track on your own? I hear that, unless you go on a guided walk, you have to carry your luggage, food, sleep bag and every thing (+15 kg) with you, which is a burden. You'll also have to book the huts! As far as I know, these are usually get fully booked some months in advance due to limited availability, while you seem to have booked them only some days earlier!!

Definitely worth the effort. Stunning trail all around. Yes, you have to carry food, sleep bag but it's only 2 nights 3 days trip. We simply bring everything we needed for those days and shipped everything to the destination (Queenstown). There's a service in Te Anau that allows you to that.

My bag is definitely less than 10kg. For, food if you don't want to carry a stove and other cooking gears, you can just buy something that's cooked and pack them in your bag.

Ashley Rose

hahahaha oh this is so great and beautiful! :) I am so glad we were able to tramp together! thank you for creating this <3 much love xoxox

Thank you Ash! You played a pretty big role it making it happen also, because without you, the Routeburn track wouldn't be on my itinerary! :) We will be tramping together again someday somewhere. ;)

Ashley Rose

Pete Rojwongsuriya yes we will for sure!!! :)

YU Hang Jiang

Hi,Pete,did you bring the sleeping bag by yourself or rent one there?
Thanks for writing such an useful article

My friend gave it to me as she didn't plan to use it anymore, but you can rent too.

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