Skydive in Queenstown with the NZONE - Why Your First Skydive Should Be in Queenstown, New Zealand
Skydive in Queenstown with the NZONE - Why Your First Skydive Should Be in Queenstown, New Zealand

Skydive in Queenstown with the NZONE

Why Your First Skydive Should Be in Queenstown, New Zealand


After spending 3 days walking the Routeburn Track Great Walk with Ashley and Rachel, we were back in Queenstown again but this time I had my mind set on doing a skydive once and for all. Me, Ashley and Rachel then hung out in Queenstown for a bit and we headed separate ways.

And this is what jumping off a moving plane and being plunged down by gravity from 15,000 ft feels like:


Day 27: The Day I Jumped Off the Plane

I love the AQHostel so much I stayed with them again for 2 nights. In the early morning, I went out and booked a skydive activity with the NZONE. It was cloudy and I had zero expectation at that point.

I checked in with them again, and the staff coldly said it was canceled. I stared at her and did not registered the answer for a full minute, and then she bursted out laughing. It took me a couple of minutes to realized that she was joking. Of course, I laughed like I knew what happened, but in my mind I was like "Don't play with me woman!".

I bought the 12000 ft plus videos and photos which costed me around 600 NZD. The good thing about the NZONE is that they have another cameraman with you if you bought the photos and videos package.

The anticipation was real. As I was about to suit up, the girls I met said that they were here yesterday and they were suited up like this but it was canceled right before they got on the plane.

"But not this time", I said to myself and then we were off. As the altitude climbed, I felt a little out of breath. As we reached 12,000 ft above the ground, the pilot announced that there were too many traffic on this altitude so we went up to 15,000 ft. "A free upgrade! That is what I'm talking about", I shouted.. interanlly.

And then BOOM! We were off the plane. My skydive tandem partner did all the job though.

I did feel a little scared when my legs were hanging down from the plane but after my skydive partner took control, it was a breeze. Bungee jumping was definitely more nerve wrecking.

The cameraman asked me to do the coolest pose. This was my coolest pose in that situation.

Before we went up, I asked another girl to write "Fuck Yeah!" on my hands. This was how I entered the last half of my 20s, with a big bang!

And then they pulled the parachute and all the excitement was over. I did learned about my partner during this slow period though.

He is Swedish and had been doing this for 10 years now. To tell you the truth, I was a little jealous of his job. Who wouldn't?

I went back to the hostel and met up with the girls. They decided to take that day off and rest. Who could blame them, we just walked the Routeburn track the previous day.

We went out to a Thai restaurant to celebrate our last day together, bought a few snacks and watch movies until sunrise. It was a fitting celebration for a memorable time.

We said goodbye to each other and then we went separate ways. They stayed in Queenstown for one more night and headed back to Dunedin, whereas I hopped on a bus to Lake Tekapo and continued on. We would never meet again for a long time.. or so we thought.

Next up, our journey continues upward to Lake Tekapo and then Mount Cook where I would be reunited again with my good friends Viola and Megan whom I met back in Franz Josef. We joined forces and tackled the Hooker Valley track together so stay tuned.

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