23 Photos that will Inspire you to Visit Spain - Follow me and I'll show you Spain
23 Photos that will Inspire you to Visit Spain - Follow me and I'll show you Spain

23 Photos that will Inspire you to Visit Spain

Follow me and I'll show you Spain


On August 2015, 3 weeks after I got back from my trip in the middle east, I flew to Madrid and started my 3 months backpacking trip in western Europe. I chose Spain to be my first destination because I planned to make my way up north by land. I ended up spending a week traveling from Madrid to Seville and ended in Granada.

My whole experience in Spain was a bit surreal as I grew accustomed to the way the spaniards live. From having to wait until 3pm for lunch to enjoying free tapas with every beer ordered, let's follow me and I'll show you Spain in 23 photos.


I arrived in Madrid at 10 am and I hit the ground running. I went on a free walking tour organized by MADride. Since I had absolutely no clue as to what to see in Madrid, this free walking tour was a great opportunity to shed light on those in one go.

I like how, in Europe, they have free organized walking tours that rely on tips and gradtitude from the people to create a business. My guide, Sara from Latvia did an incredible job providing information while entertaining us about local legends. I would highly recommend you go on one of these free walking tours if you are in the city and you don't have a lot of time.

That night I went on a pub crawl with MADride as well and it was incredible. Needless to say, I woke up at noon the next day. I spent the next day walking around the Royal Palace and the parks in the area before hopping on the bus to Seville.


While I was on the bus to Seville, I striked up a conversation with this incredible Spanish woman who told me about how she acquired her english-speaking skill by flying to the United States alone with no connection and worked as a babysitter. I found this incredibly inspiring because she was only 22 back then and did not know a single word of English!

There are many things to see in Seville. The Alcázar, the cathedral, and the Metropol Parasol are a few things I saw.

The highlight though was the Plaze de Espana, which is a stunning red palace located near the Maria Luisa Park. Its vast space, unique architectural design and its humongous size made it a must-see place in Seville.

To make the place even better, turns out the plaza was used to shoot one of the scene in the movie Star Wars!

Usually, something this beautiful would be crowded with tourists but that was not the case when I was there. Possibly due to its vast space, and open-air style building, it felt like I had the whole place to myself.


This is possibly the best city I've been in Spain. With a more relaxed vibe, the nature that surrounded the area and the people I befriended at the hostel, I enjoyed Granada the most.

As usual, the first day I arrived, I went on a free walking tour with a bunch of friends I made at the hostel. The guide took us through an old part of town and hiked up to Sacromonte for one of the best sunset spot you can experience in Spain.

From the top, you get the view of the famous Alhambra fortress built in the 9th century.

Another amazing attraction was the waterfall hike that will take you through an incredibly diverse landscape of Granada. It was so great I went there twice!

The trail will take you through several suspension bridges, caves and small passages. Get your adventurous goggles on because you are going to get one here.

The hike was also a good way to get away from all the annoying tourists in the city.

You can get an incredible panoramic view of the landscape from one of the many outlook points along the trail.

Some of the passages were so narrow we had to hung our bodies out of the side of a cliff with a metal handle bar.

And at the end you will be rewarded with a beautiful waterfall and an extremely refreshing pool of water to jump into.

This trail has no concrete endpoint so you will need to turn back at one point. I decided to turn back at the open area surrounded by canyons where people camp.

The next day, I was back at the waterfall again, but this time we took a different route to a smaller waterfall hid behind bushes. We brought out our beers and spent hours having one of those deep conversation you get so often when traveling.

My incredible companion of our second expedition exploring the waterfall trail.

Before leaving Granada, I decided to hike to the top of Sacramonte to watch the sunset again, this time with a few more friends and unlimited supply of beers.

Isn't this the best sunset or what?

What an incredible journey it had been and that was only a week into my 3 months trip! I will surely be back in Spain again but this time I bid you farewell. Stay tuned for more detail about my Spain trip followed by incredible photos from Switzerland!


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