5 Best Things to Do in Seville - A Backpacking Guide to Explore Seville, Spain in Intricate Detail

5 Best Things to Do in Seville

A Backpacking Guide to Explore Seville, Spain in Intricate Detail

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Seville, the fourth largest city in Spain is a city with an impressive historical value due to its long history dated back to the time of the Romans 2000 years ago. From exploring a gigantic palace to learning the history of bullfighting, Seville offers countless activities for you to do.

Seville was the second city I visited right after Madrid, and if you think Madrid is already laid-back, try visiting Seville. With its countless parks, artistic buildings and the always-sunny weather, you may be here for days before you see everything.

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Seville Things to Do Map

Seville Things to Do Map

Spain Travel Video

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How to Get to Seville

From Madrid, if you are looking for a cheap and reliable way to go to Seville, you can take a bus directly to Seville which should take you no more than 6 hours. Otherwise, a fast train is another good option but it will be more expensive.

If you are taking a bus from Madrid, be sure to ask your hostel for the bus schedule. Once you know which bus you want to take, go to the Estación Sur bus station an hour earlier and get your ticket sorted. I went with the Socibus.es since it was the cheapest one and it ran that day.

You can also go with FlixBus as they are cheap, reliable and run widely throughout Europe.

How to Get Around Seville

Seville can easily be done on foot. If the heat is unbearable, then you can hop on the tram that runs throughout the city.

Where to Stay in Seville

 Where to Stay in Seville

Budget - Sevilla Kitsch Hostel Art - 18 USD/Night (Dorm)

Mid-Range - The Boutike Hostel (Mid-Range) - 63 USD / Night (Double/Twin Room)

Daily Budget

1 daily budget 1 daily budget 1 daily budget 0.5 daily budget -1 daily budget

Traveling here, on average, will cost you more than traveling in most countries out there. You can expect to spend around 45 - 65 USD per day per person with food, accommodation and transportation.

Keep in mind that this is just a suggested daily budget based on my style of traveling, which is leaning more toward the budget side of things. If you want to stick to this budget, expect to sleep in dorms, eat out only a few times, and be comfortable using the cheapest and most convenient way of transportation, which often times involves walking.

Travel Insurance

If you are looking for travel insurance to go along with your trip to Spain, I would recommend WorldNomads.com, which is what I use to look for a travel insurance that fits my kind of adventure. They have a simple and flexible search system that allowed me to find the right insurance for the right amount of time at an affordable price in seconds. If you need travel insurance, give WorldNomads.com a try.

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What to Do in Seville

Geek out at the Plaza de Espana

Geek out at the Plaza de Espana

This is possibly one of the best attraction in Seville. A gigantic red palace located near the Maria Luisa Park. Its vast space, unique architectural design and its humongous size made it a must-see place in Seville. To make this place even better for you, it is known that this place was used to shoot a scene in one of the prequels of the movie, Star Wars! Usually, a place this beautiful is usually crowded with tourists but this was not the case for me. Possibly, due to its vast space and an open-air style building, it felt like I had the whole place to myself.

Relax in the Maria Luisa Park

Relax in the Maria Luisa Park

Across from the Plaza de Espana is a beautiful park where you can hide from the raging sun to be among the beautiful nature and chirrping birds. Be sure to observe every detail of the structure you run into in the park, from the beautiful bridges over tiny canals, to a resting stop that looked almost like it was taken straight from a fairy tale.

Stare at the Cathedral in wonder

Stare at the Cathedral in wonder

As you walk around the old town, you can't mistaken this cathedral for anything else. This gothic-style church is the third-largest church in the world. Even without going inside, you can appreciate the intricate detail and hard work that went into bringing this massive piece of magnificent to life. I was unable to go inside due to some event that took place when I was there so if you have a chance to go in, don't hesitate. I heard the detail inside are even more breathtaking.

Walk around the Alcázar of Seville

Walk around the Alcázar of Seville

A little bit south of the Cathedral lies another impressive palace called Alcázar of Seville. Within that palace is heaven.. or at least a park that resembles it. Its lush green vegetation, white walls and beautiful floras contradict the exterior of the palace. I spent at least 2 hours in here, just walking around and getting lost in the park.

Check out the Metropol Parasol

Check out the Metropol Parasol

To spice things up a little, let's take a break from all the old structure and marvel at the modern creation that is the Metropol Parasol. I found that this is where the cool kids like the hang out, chilling out with friends, skateboarding etc. Even though, this building is drastically different in style compared to all the other buildings around it, surprisingly it did not seem so to me. Somehow, it blended in very well with the city.

Eat Tapas by the River in Triana

Eat Tapas by the River in Triana

People usually go into Seville old town to find something to eat even though they know that it will be overpriced and crowded with tourists. If you are looking for a more laid back and authentic experience, all you have to do is cross the river to Triana and eat at one of the many tapas bars along the river like all the locals do.

Las Golondrinas 2 is a good place if you crave authentic tapas for a bargain.

Digital Nomad friendly cafe

Finding a cafe where you can sit and work without getting a death stare from the owner in Spain outside major cities has proved to be challenging. Due to the culture here, most cafes are a hybrid between a tapas bar and a coffee shop. Since they also serve food as well as coffee, it is uncommon for people to sit in one of these tapas bars and work away. I was unable to find a good local cafe here for work, unfortunately so I would suggest you stick to StarBucks or stay at your hostels.

A location of a Starbucks where you can work from.

Further Reading for Spain

I hope you found this guide helpful in your trip planning. If you want to read more about Spain, I have written a few more travel guides, all listed here:

The Solo Traveler’s Journal is a series of posts by BucketListly where we will follow our founder, Pete Rojwongsuriya around the world as he singlehandedly travel alone and experience different cultures, people, and historical locations one country at a time.

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